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Veronika School District 2568
NW Sec 11 Tsp 38 Rge 22 W2

1953 VeroniKa School grade 2 2015 02 08 Veronika School SD 2568 report card cover VeronikaSDMap

Veronika School District 2568

The classes began in an old log church under Fr. John Balfrey. The schoolhouse was built in the spring of 1912, and the school district community organised their district in 1910. This school remained open to the community until 1950, when a new school was built which served until 1962. Source: Beyond our dreams : Marysburg and area. Marysburg, Sask. : Marysburg History Book Committee, c1987. Marysburg History Book Committee. ISBN 0921257112

According to Dave Schreiner the school is located in the Muenster area although it was about the same distance from Humboldt which is the bigger centre and then the village of Marysburg is located about 8 miles to the north. Images submitted by Dave Schreiner, and map courtesy of Saskatchewan provincial archives, Regina branch.

Note: Dead Moose Lake was the name of the post office in the area located at NW section 34 township 38 range 22 west of the 2nd meridianThe hamlet of Marysburg, was located at SW section 2 Tsp 39 Rge 22 W2

Note the school name has always been recorded as Veronika and never Veronica. The school house was formally named Veronika School District with a "k".


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