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Sky Rock School District 5147
NW 25 - 55 - 21 W3
near Stowlea, Saskatchewan

Students at Skyrock school # 5147, circa 1940.

Lydia Balsasch, Dora Pinske, Rudy Wiesbrod, Dorothy Wiesbrod, Willie Wiesbrod, Peter Balasch, Herman Wiesbrod, LaVerne Preston, Helen Balasch, Lorence Wiesbrod.

Skyrock school was built in 1937-38 on the NW 25 - 55 - 21 W3 by the parents of the students and with some help from others in the district. It was built of logs and the desks were also built by the parents. Margaret Parret was the teacher for four year with 16 students at most. It closed in 1942 for lack of students.

Submitted by John (Butch) and Alice Peterson

Sky Rock School 5147
Sky Rock 5147
Stowlea, SK
Sky Rock School 5147
Sky Rock 5147
Early Students

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John and Alice Peterson