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Saskatchewan One Room School Project provides an online history for current generations to enjoy, preserve, and experience, our historical educational, architectural, and cultural, heritage.

If you have ancedotes, or stories of schoolhouse days and activities, and would like to submite your story ; contact the Webmaster. We can create web page for you or list your web site here. I remember...

  • Badger School #913, Plunkett, Sk
    A tribute sent in by the grandson of an early pupil of Badger School District #913. The commemoration event for this school and erection of the plaque is remembered fondly.

  • Cherry Ridge 4405 School House
    Cherry Ridge 4405 School House "a brief and poignant history of the school written by Helen Brown Scarf, who is still living and was a student in the first class in 1924."

  • Holbrook School District # 844
    Neva MacLeod in 1919, has left some interesting notes about her tenure in Holbrook School District, near Alameda SK. My Narrow Escape: The experience of spending the night in the school house due to a blizzard and Saskatchewan School 1919-1920.

  • History of the Saskatchewan Correspondence School ~ Distance Learning ~
    Catherine Sheldon-Williams Saskatchewan's pioneer educator was instrumental in creating the "Outpost Correspondence School" forerunner of the Saskatchewan Correspondence School. (It is with curiosity and intrigue to wonder if there are any lessons, examinations or reminiscences of the early correspondence lessons which aided students of Saskatchewan's homesteading community)

  • Lysenko Rural School - SD #494
    LYSENKO SCHOOL History :
    * Lysenko Rural School - SD #494
    * '57 Ford Snowed Under. Beauty!!
    * Horse and Buggy School Days!!
    * Teacherage, 1938?, back side of School.
    * Last 'weeny roast' Supper
    * Lysenko School #2
    * Last Lysenko Class - June 1959

  • William Eldon “Bill” Janzen.
    Teaching certificates, contracts, photo album, and normal school student images of Bill Janzen as submitted by his daughter, Sandra Lynne Janzen.

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