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PROGRESS School District # 2952
Horsham NE 11 17 29 W3
Buffalo Head SE 28 17 29 W3
Saskatchewan near the Saskatchewan - Alberta border

PROGRESS 	School District # 2952 , 1915-1954,  Horsham NE 11 17 29 W3, Buffalo Head SE 28 17 29 W3,

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School Maps

Canadian Online Historical Map Digitization Project
PROGRESS 	School District # 2952  Map

School Maps

Canadian Online Historical Map Digitization Project
PROGRESS 	School District # 2952  Map

School District Maps, Saskatchewan boundaries marked in blue, and RMs of the date of the map marked in red.

Charmain 9-19-29-W3 Saskatchewan Station
Cliftonville 23-15-28-W3 Saskatchewan Locality
Enterprise No. 142 Saskatchewan Rural Municipality
Hilda 35-17-1-W4 Alberta Hamlet
Horsham 11-17-29-W3 Saskatchewan Hamlet
Kuest 13-16-29-W3 Saskatchewan Locality
Pivot 11-17-1-W4 Alberta Locality
Richmound 23-17-28-W3 Saskatchewan Village
Surprise 20-15-29-W3 Saskatchewan Locality
Fox Valley 26-17-26-W3 Saskatchewan
Enterprise Rural Municipality 172 disorganised January, 1951
Bitter Lake No. 142 portion merged with Enterprise 172 to become Enterprise 142. 1951
Sources: Geographical Names Natural Resources Canada 1921 Canada Census: Place of Habitation :: Rural Municipalities Rural Municipalities of Saskatchewan

For more information:
PROGRESS School District # 1009 Sec Tsp 49 Rge 1 W of the 5 Meridian AB

PROGRESS School District # 2952 Sec Tsp 17 Rge 30 W of the 3 Meridian Horsham

"Department of Education Re-assigns NumberIn the North West Territories the 1884 Territorial Ordinance #5 allowed for the formation of school districts. School Districts were given numbers in the order by which the areas applied for. This sorting by School District Number then gives an idea of the NWT early settlement patterns, and school house formation by year. When Saskatchewan and Alberta became provinces in 1905, numbers previously in use in Alberta were canceled and re-applied to School Districts of Saskatchewan.

When the two provinces were formed Alberta continued numerically incrementing from the last school District Number which was at that time Bow Valley S. D. 1409. The next one of Alberta therefore numbered was 1410. Saskatchewan then re-used any numbers which were now not being used and therefore some School Districts may have two names attached to them...the early use of the number in Alberta, and later use in Saskatchewan.

These school houses in Alberta are west of the fourth and west of the fifth meridian. Saskatchewan locations must be west of the first, second or third meridian. Manitoba also has locations west of the first or prime meridian as the provincial border does not rest on a meridian on the east side of Saskatchewan."School Listing Orginisation

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