Sask Gen Web - Saskatchewan One Room School Project - Introductions, history, and web site conception.

The pioneer school houses and districts are treasured by many communities and individuals as is reflected in these WWW sites.

Saskatchewan One Room School Project provides an online history for current generations to enjoy, preserve, and experience, our historical educational, architectural, and cultural, heritage.

  • This Saskatchewan One Room School Project was conceived on many levels:
    1. Digital preservation of schoolhouse history, lifestyle, reminiscences and events.
    2. Genealogical collection of school rosters, student and teacher names, and biographies.
    3. Supplement Saskatchewan placenames.

  • The objective of the Saskatchewan One Room School Project is an online project for those interested with the digital preservation of Saskatchewan country schools, recording the location of one room schools, celebrating the legacy of schoolhouses remaining, restored or commemorated by plaque or picture, the oral history of the people and places involved, digital capture of images, data, memories and recollections from those who taught and attended Saskatchewan One Room School houses..

  • Presentations are being sought on topics honoring one room school houses such as school architecture and furnishing, oral history, ethnic schools, and changes in curriculum over time. Additional topics would include other uses of the buildings, school house games, songs, sports, and activities on the playground and in the classroom, materials and methods of instruction, classroom, school, teacher and class photographs, school roster listings, and year books.

  • The Search Saskatchewan Placenames documents current placenames and historical placenames which have ceased to exist. Some genealogical or historical documents refer to an address as a "district" which may be a geo-physical area like Cypress Hills or Big Muddy but more often it was the old school district. These old school districts are not necessarily of the same name as the current "composite" schools or town and the quantity of one room school houses has been placed at nearly 5,000. The current alphabetical listing is still growing and additional school districts are added as the S.D. name and legal land description are collected.

  • Some Saskatchewan one room school houses have been commemorated with a stone, plaque or marker of some sort. A few still remain - some decaying, some have been restored, a few school houses travelled to museums and some school houses have become museums, houses, or granaries; the majority no longer exist. This web site commemorates Saskatchewan One Room School houses, the lifestyle and history to preserve their legacy online.

About the Saskatchewan One Room School Project, an overview of the project, what can be gleaned from the one room schoolhouse project, what resources are available.

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