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Norge SD 1011
NE 11 Tsp 1 Rge 16 W2

near Beaubier, Ratcliffe, Radville, SK

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Other Sources of Information about this school and area:

  • Norge SD 1011
    NE 11 Tsp 1 Rge 16 W2

  • Township and Range partial map courtesy of Waghorn's guide 1941 map of Western Canada
    Historical Map of Western Canada Showing part of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta Published by Waghorn's Guide June , Winnipeg Manitoba

  • Partial school district map courtesy of the Saskatchewan Provincial Archives Willow Bunch Sheet Left
  • Settlers of the hills / [Lake Alma Over 50 Club].
    Lake Alma, Sask. : Lake Alma Over 50 Club, c1975.
    ISBN 0919212786 : $10.00

  • Settlers of the hills and beyond.
    Lake Alma, SK : Lake Alma History Book, c2001.
    ISBN 1550566199
    This book contains autobiographical accounts of the pioneers and others who helped in the development of the Rural Municipality of Lake Alma No 8" Includes school districts of Lake Alma, Grendale, Blooming, Tree Lake, Loraine, Welhaven, Busy Bee, Highland View, Overland and Norge.
    Mary Read Look up volunteer
  • For more information about Norge SD 1011 and the Sonnenfeld Colony

Also submitted at the same time by Juliann Parsons:
Bird's Hill 4067
Later named Lake Alma 4067
Nrge SD 1011
Norge SD 1011

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