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Meadowdale School, Canora, Sask.

I have come across a picture of I'm told, my grandmother (Wilda Hill) and other children in front of an old one-room and on the back it says Meadowdale School, Canora, Sask. The children are holding a slate that appears to say Meadowdale.
Regards, Gord Parker 1

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2005:  Subsequent investigations yielded a basic description of the location
from a local school district history book.  I then drove there and knocked
on a few doors one Sunday afternoon.  This got me a pretty good description.
It also introduced me to a local lady who said the school in this picture
was replaced in the 30's or so.  The second school was abandoned in the 60's
and in the 70's someone moved it somewhere and used it as a house or addition!

To get to the original site, drive 6.5km N from the north end of Canora to
secondary road #754.  Turn right and drive 4.4km E.  The school was about
400m (1/4 mi) N of the road, in a lower area next to the slough.
Unfortunately, nothing remains there.

GPS coordinates are: (WGS 84)  N51 42.651 W102 22.389 which is the same as
13 U 681479 5732145 in UTM coordinates.

I'd be interested in hearing from anyone with information or stories to add.
Gord  2

Converting the UTM coordinates to Township and Range the result is:
SW Section 4 Township 32 Range 3 West of the 2nd Meridian
This places Meadowdale school (4-5) miles west of another
school:  PHOENIX  School District # 2320 listed here at:
  SW  Section 6 Tsp 32  Rge 2  W of the 2 Meridian
Canora, Sk is listed at Section 25 Tsp 30 Rge 4 W 2 Meridian
or N 51-37 Latitude and 102 26 West Longitude

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