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Marcliffe School District #3355
Sec Tsp 9 Rge 18 W of the 3 Meridian

Near Shaunavon, Saskatchewan

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Marcliffe School District #3355
Sec Tsp 9 Rge 18 W of the 3 Meridian

Near Shaunavon, Scotsguard, Leitchville, and Polwar, Saskatchewan

.....I recently acquired a group of old pictures from a distant relative. One of them was labeled as "My prairie pupils - Shaunavon". However, it appears to be a one-room country school and one of the pupils is holding a card bearing the name Marcliffe and the year 1920. I thought it might be of interest to your project.

.....The lady who presumably took the picture was Catherine "Cassie" Myles from Springfield, New Brunswick and she did teach for a short time in "the West" - I think also in Medicine Hat, as there are pictures from there as well. If anyone needs more particulars I can provide more details on Cassie's origins and later life, but nothing on her time in "the West".

.....I hope this is of some interest to you.


John Elliott

The rail track from east to west is Crichton, Admiral, Scotsguard, Instow, and then Shaunavon.
For more information see also the books Shaunavon : town and community : dedicated to a proud past and a bright future
Author Shaunavon (Sask.). School
Published [Shaunavon, Sask.?] : c1955

School District Map showing 3355 near bottom of scanned image.
School District Map showing 3355 near top

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