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Moose Jaw Normal School


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Historical photographs submitted by Thelma Findlay

Hi Julia.

My mother-in-law Mary E. Wyatt attended the Normal School in Moosejaw, Saskatchewan during the period 1943-1948, attaining her teaching certificate in 1948. And went on to teach at her first school in the fall 1948 at New Borger School. The photos I am sending along now were taken while she was at the Normal School.


-back row – left to right – Mary Wyatt, Mary Waslen, Sylvia McCaslen

-and that’s all she noted on the back of the photo


Class T at a wiener roast in Wild Animal Park

-left to right :

Gladys Wittig, Betty Staples, Gerry Samson, Jean Thomson, Mary Waslen, Freda Sclick, Rose Steinhauer,

Rena Swartlout, Mary Wyatt, Marion Wright, May Jean Smith, Bernice Pascoe, Joyce Richardson,

Freda Swenson, Susie Riediger, Margaret Hughes


Left – right: Mary Wyatt, May Jean Smith, Marion Wright, Margaret Hughes


Miss D. Wayland, M.J.N.S. (Miss D. Wayland, M.J.N.S.)


Mr. Stewart


Mrs. Telfer


Mr. Gagne


Mr. Gagne


Jean Thomson and Freda Swenson – before the wiener roast


Sgt. Major Vint


Miss Lawson


Group pic:

Back: Lawrence, Kenneth, Jack, Keith, Mrs. Allan Duke

Front: Andrew, Elsworth, Eva, Margaret C.


Pic of the two ladies: Freda Swanson and Betty Staples

NOW – wouldn’t it be absolutely lovely to connect with some of those folks!

Great pics. The pics of the individual folks – I will be mailing to the Archives, as Mary is not in any of those.

Thelma Findlay
Researching: Weslak Nahnybida Lewandoski Radewicz Ulanowicz Frondzey Zemba Wasyluk Trenaman
Kellsey Cook Wyatt Archer Trump Hinckley Caudon/Cowan Findlater/Findlay McClurg McCoy Rowsell
Moose Jaw Normal School

The Moose Jaw Normal School opened in 1927 and closed in 1959. Eastern Canada adopted the French term é cole Normale which gave rise to the term Normal School where teachers learned the "norms" in school education methods. The Moose Jaw school was renamed the Saskatchewan Teachers College was the new name for the Moose Jaw Normal School as of 1953. Moose Jaw Normal School was located where the Moose Jaw SIAST Palliser Campus now stands.

Additional information on the WWW

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Statement of Professional Standing "The Ministry of Education has records of all Teachers College and Normal School marks - Regina, Moose Jaw and Saskatoon (1906-1964). These marks, not university transcripts, will be included with the Statement of Professional Standing. "
Education in Saskatchewan Before Confederation

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