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Kensmith School District 2877

SE Section 16 Tsp 38 Rge 14 W3
Kensmith P.O.
NW 2 38 14 W3 Province of Saskatchewan, Canada


thumbnails/002-Kensmith area (1) from G's album.jpeg.small.jpeg
Kensmith area (1)
from G's album
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Kensmith area (2)
from G's Album
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Kensmith area
(3) from G's Album
thumbnails/005-Kensmth School 1922  (1) Mathers.jpeg.small.jpeg
Kensmith School
1922 (1)
thumbnails/006-Kensmth School and teacher Residence 1922   Mathers.jpeg.small.jpeg
Kensmith School
and teacher Residence
1922 Mathers
thumbnails/007-Kensmth School Pupils1922  (3) Mathers.jpeg.small.jpeg
Kensmith School Pupils1922
(3) Mathers
thumbnails/008-Kensmth School Teacher Residence 1922  (2) Mathers.jpeg.small.jpeg
Kensmtih School
Teacher Residence 1922
(2) Mathers
thumbnails/000-Mathers 1919 Kensmith School.jpeg.small.jpeg
Mathers 1919
Kensmith School
thumbnails/001-Mathers - Kensmith School 1919.jpeg.small.jpeg
Mathers -
Kensmith School 1919

Kensmith School District 2877

Hello, I am working on my father-in-law's history and have his photo album with some interesting photos in it I do not see on your one room school house pages. I would also like to confirm some details about Kensmith and Biggar and if there are details available about his teaching career. He returned from World War 1 in 1919 and had a contract May 3 1919 (issued 28th April 1919) to teach In Kensmith SD 2477. His diary states that his first day of school was May 26th teaching at Biggar with 7 children ( I have a photo of the school and the 7 children). On the reverse of the original photo it says Kensmith. There is another photo taken in 1922 of the school (the larger number of children) and the recently added school residence.

I am a New Zealander who travelled to Canada in the late '60s began teaching in St Catharines Ontario and married Graham Mathers only son Bill and lived there for 27 years. We returned to NZ to live in the late 1990's and now that I am retired from teaching have time to follow my family research. The family knows very little about their Dad's early teaching (or next to nothing about his war service) as he died when they were younger. I am hoping to fill in some gaps for the grandchildren.

He was Norman Graham MATHERS born 25th Dec 1897, and was 21 at his first job.

Bill's sister Margaret in London Ontario has Graham's diary which is minute (small enough to hide in a pocket during his time in World War 1).

There are additional details about N.Graham's family especially his Uncles who are recorded in a Famous Manitobans file... Thomas (1858 - 1927) who was a Lawyer and Puisine Judge of Court of the Kings Bench for Manitoba; Francis (1862 - 1924) N.Graham's father - a Presbytarian Minister (married to Elizabeth Adella Sherlock) who was living in Saskatoon when Graham was teaching there; James a trustee and Director of several companies; Charles Wesley one of Edmontons earliest professional photographers and has photographic books published (we have a copy of "The Far North" a fascinating book of life there in the 1800's) and Isaac a Doctor. Graham's older brother Alvin was a famous Architect in Toronto designing many of Canada's outstanding buildings winning many prestigious awards. (Our son has carried on that tradition and has an architecture business in London U.K). Bill's Father was 18 years older than his Mother and died when Bill was 19. Unfortunately lots of his past life stories were not discussed.

Kia ora


Jan Mathers

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A Harvest of memories : Oban, Neola, Avalon, Elwell, Monarch, Louvain, Kensmith, Twin Hill, Fairmount, Vanceview, Gagenville, Curths Hill, Castlewood, Whiteshore, Wilson Lake / [editor : Isla Solanik]
Published Biggar, Sask. : North Biggar History Book Committee, 1986
Kensmith established 1912- closed 1953
SE 16 38 14

ISBN 0889256020

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