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  • Headlands School

    Picture taken in 1951 of a group of people in front of Headlands School #4012. The occasion was an Anglican Church service. The school was often used as a church over the years. Headlands school first opened for classes in March of 1919 in its original location of NW 34-24-14. In January of 1924 it was moved to a new location a mile East on NE 34-24-14 W2nd. The school had 32 different teachers over the years it was in service. Headlands picnic was an annual event every summer. Headlands school was also a gathering place for other occasions such as farmers union and other political meetings. Church services were also held there by Anglican and Lutheran ministers. The school saw baptisms, weddings and funerals before it finally closed in 1959.

    Ralph in Sask.

    Headlands SD 4012 Photo 1948 and 1952

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