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Hampton School District 2750
NE 32-38-27-W3, 1911 to 1953
Primate, SW 17-27-W3
Saskatchewan, Canada

Hampton School District 2750, NE 32-38-27-W3, 1911 to 1953, Primate, SW 17-27-W3, Unity,

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Submitter of the images Eric Larrson

Hampton School District 2750, NE 32-38-27-W3, 1911 to 1953, Primate, SW 17-27-W3, Unity,

Numerical School District Listing

1917 Rural Municipality Map of  RM  of Eye Hill 382

School Inspectorate Map. Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan. Map collection B 8/2. Commissioner of Education Boundaries. 1917.

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By the way Hamton hamlet SW 23-28-W3 is not close to Hampton School. Hamton is near Ebenezer.

Also there used to be a Hampton School District 843 in Alberta at 47-19-W4
In the North West Territories the 1884 Territorial Ordinance #5 allowed for the formation of school districts. School Districts were given numbers in the order by which the areas applied for. This sorting by School District Number then gives an idea of the NWT early settlement patterns, and school house formation by year. When Saskatchewan and Alberta became provinces in 1905, numbers previously in use in Alberta were cancelled and re-applied to School Districts of Saskatchewan. When the two provinces were formed Alberta continuednumerically incrementing from the last school District Number which was at that time BowValley S. D. 1409. The next one of Alberta therefore numbered was 1410. Saskatchewanthen re-used any numbers which were now not being used and therefore some School Districtsmay have two names attached to them...the early use of the number in Alberta, and later usein Saskatchewan.

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School maps used with permission

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