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Eclipse School District #4071
S 19, T 23, R 27, W 2nd

Eclipse School District 4071 Pictures

Section 19, Township 23, Range 27, W of 2nd
5646521.2 Northing and 4475123 Easting Zone 13
5039679 N. Latitude, 105.7475 W. Longitude.

Now Mat's Greens Golf Course
East off Highway 11 (Louis Riel Trail) at Aylesbury, SK.

Aylesbury Tsp 23, Rge 27 W of the 2nd Meridian
Estuary Bury Tsp 23, Rge 27 W of the 2nd Meridian
Holdfast Tsp 23, Rge 25 W of the 2nd Meridian
Craik Tsp 24, Rge 28 W of the 2nd Meridian

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For more information:
Eclipse School District 4071 near Aylesbury operational at NW 19 23 27 W2 between 1918-1951

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