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EARLY School District # 1129

Sec Tsp 11 Rge 17 W of the 3 Meridian near Scotsguard 91

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Hello Webmaster, I have found the attached photo among my grandfather’s things. Using your data base, I think the slate says says “Early S. D. 1129”.

My grandfather was Harold Hugh Gallagher (Gallaugher), born 1903 in Ontario, lived in Indian Head for about a year when he was 7 and then moved to Gull Lake, and then to British Columbia as a young adult.

I don’t know if he is in this photo, or even if I have read the slate correctly. Is Early S.D. anywhere near Gull Lake or Indian Head?

If you know anything about this photo, please do let me know. We are currently writing a family history and would like to include it.

Thanks so much,

Kathryn Gallagher Morton Newmarket, ON

If anyone knows anything further, please e-mail Kathryn Morton and the Saskatchewan One room School House Webmaster Hi Julia,

Wow! That’s a lot of information. I will enjoy looking through this.

Yes, by all means, please post this on the One Room School site. I would be very interested in hearing from others.

Thanks so much for this.


Attached is the reply from Julia Adamson, Webmaster:

Schoool district Maps Maple Creek Sheet right

From Waghorn's Guide Map of Western Canada 1941

Gull Lake location 13-19-W3
Latitude - Longitude : 50º 5' 49'' N, 108º 29' 5'' W
Latitude - Longitude (decimal) : 50.0969138, -108.4847525

Scotsguard location Location : 8-9-16-W3
Latitude - Longitude : 49º 43' N, 108º 9' W
Latitude - Longitude (decimal) : 49.7166946, -108.1506867

Locations from Querying Canadian Geographical Names

On the school district map (1129.jpg) SD 1129 is highlighted in bright green.
This is an amalgamation of several school district maps compiled by Saskatchewan Archives over several years.

One can see that historcially in the area was Austinville to the south.
This post office established north of Scotsguard actually moved into scotsguard,
to become the Scotsguard post office when the CPR rail tracks arrived according to Bill Barry.63

Bone Creek was a post office to the north of the school district at NW 13 11 17 W3, was established on the Swift Current Creek.

Rich Prairie, a post office at NW 30 10 18 W3.77

Polson, another Post Office (P.O.) was located at SW 30 9 18 W3 and was located near present day provincial highway 37.

Leitchville, Georgina, Illerbrun, Covington were other placenames a bit further afield, but existed at the beginning of the 1900s.

There is a book about this area, but it is not online
Next year country : Austinville, Coal Valley, Dahlia, Georgina, Grassy Creek, Harty,
Instow, Marcliffe, North Instow, Pilot, Rock Creek, Scotsguard, Thompson Valley, Voll, Wilkinson.
Notukeu, Sask. : Notukeu History Book Club, 1980.
ISBN 0889251452
The interesting thing about this school district, for a bit of extra history is that...

"Department of Education Re-assigns Number
In the North West Territories the 1884 Territorial Ordinance #5 allowed for the formation of school districts. School Districts were given numbers in
the order by which the areas applied for. This sorting by School District Number then gives an idea of the NWT early settlement patterns, and school
house formation by year. When Saskatchewan and Alberta became provinces in 1905, numbers previously in use in Alberta were canceled and re-applied
to School Districts of Saskatchewan.
When the two provinces were formed Alberta continued numerically incrementing from the last school District Number which was at that time Bow Valley
S. D. 1409. The next one of Alberta therefore numbered was 1410. Saskatchewan then re-used any numbers which were now not being used and therefore
some School Districts may have two names attached to them...the early use of the number in Alberta, and later use in Saskatchewan.

These school houses in Alberta are west of the fourth and west of the fifth meridian. Saskatchewan locations must be west of the first, second or
third meridian. Manitoba also has locations west of the first or prime meridian as the provincial border does not rest on a meridian on the east
side of Saskatchewan."

so after that pre-amble...the school district was first established in Alberta under the name of Wild Rose, before opening up as EARLY SD 1129 in Saskatchewan

WILD ROSE School District # 1129 Sec Tsp 40 Rge 19 W of the 4 Meridian AB

There are three books online about Gull Lake at Our Roots Nos racines

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