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Dumbarton School District 1999

North East quarter of section 11- township 40- range 18 west of the 2nd meridian
Classes were held in a log shack in 1907 to 1908 the school was built in 1908 and later in 1922 it was moved to Naicam, 1908-1922

Naicam School District 1999
Northwest section 2 township 40 range 18 west of the 2nd meridian

Dumbarton Dumbarton1999-Map Dumbarton1999Map NaicamMap
Naicam School 1999 in 1928
Original 1928 Naicam School #1999
    Naicam School 1999 in 1928
1928 Naicam School #1999

Submitter, photographs © Gordon Neish
Photos courtesy of Alie Neish and the Naicam Museum. The Naicam Museum is making its debut online revealing the characteristics of the museum in Naicam, in order to complement, enhance, and augment the archival collections and traditional displays.

Maps are courtesy of the Online Historical Map Digitization Project and the Archives of Saskatchewan.

Dumbarton School District 1999

North East quarter of section 11- township 40- range 18 west of the 2nd meridian
Classes were held in a log shack in 1907 to 1908 the school was built in 1908 and later in 1922 it was moved to Naicam, 1908-1922

Naicam School District 1999
Northwest section 2 township 40 range 18 west of the 2nd meridian

In regards to the evolution of the Naicam schools.

The old Dumbarton School was a log building on John Anderson’s homestead it was used for 2 terms. The new Dumbarton School was a frame building built in 1909, 1 mile North and 1 mile East of town. In 1924 Dumbarton School was moved to Naicam and located where the later Douglas house was. There was also a cottage school at the north end of town later converted to Ace Davis’s house.

The first story of the Brick School (now our Museum) was build in 1923/24. Dumbarton School was relocated in 1927 to directly south of the Brick School facing East and there appears to be a Barn/stable in the far in the South West of the school grounds. After the second story of the brick school opened in 1928 the Dumbarton School was moved to the Robert Mohagen’s farm.

Due to enrolment the school board built a new Cottage School in 1951 Located very close to where the north end of the future Patterson School would be. The Patterson School was built in 1954/55. In 1956 the Cottage school was move to Lac Vert due to increased enrolment at their school. This was about the time many of the one room Country schools were being closed and increased capacity was required in Naicam.

Construction of the first 4 rooms at the new high School at the north end commenced shortly after and continued expanding over time until k-12 were all in one school.

Submitter, heritage narrative © Gordon Neish

Nearby Placenames

Folgoet is an Unincorporated area
Kermaria is an Unincorporated area
Lac Vert is a Hamlet
Lac Vert (Lac-Vert ) Hamlet locates at 2-41-18-W2
Latitude - Longitude : 52º 30' N, 104º 29' W OR 52.5000098, -104.4838403
Lightwoods is an Unincorporated area
Naicam Town locates at 2-40-18-W2
Latitude - Longitude : 52º 25' 10'' N, 104º 29' 48'' W OR 52.4194888, -104.4965888

Pleasantdale is a Village
Pleasantdale No. 398
Spalding is a Village
Spalding No. 368
Tilly is an Unincorporated area

Maps Courtesy of:
School District Maps

Online Historical Canadian Maps Digitization Project

For more information about neighbouring schools:

Gleanings along the way : a history of Naicam, Lac Vert
Winnipeg, Manitoba: Inter-Collegiate Press, 1980

BRIGHTSIDE School 648, school district formation meeting 1921, school building completed 1923 on SE 28 39 16 W2, school opened April 10, 1923. Teachers hired till 1943.

BYNG School 3601 was built on 21 40 19 W2 and originally called BAILOR School, and later the name was changed to Byng to honour the Governor General of the day. The school burned down in 1932 and all teacher - pupil records were lost. In 1933 a new schol with basement was erected. The Melfort School Unit was formed in 1945, with Byng becoming a part of this school division, until its closure in 1960. Byng area pupil took the bus to Naicam.

GREEN LAWN School 2545 was erected on SW 1 41 19 W2 following meetings held in 1910. Pupils from RM Spalding 368, RM St Peter 369, RM Pleasantdale 398 and RM Lake Lenore 399 attended Green Lawn. The address of the school house changed as the post office changed names from Glen Kelly to Longfield. A new 'modern' school with furnace was erected in 1937. The pupils were driven into Naicam in 1954, and the school building served as a home for a short while before it was sold.

HOME School 3993 was erected on the NW 21 40 17 W2, and classes were held between 1919 - 1960. The school building was sold and moved and used as a home, and was still standing in 1981.

KERMARIA School 775 was erected on the NE 8 41 19 W2 after a meeting held in 1912. School began July 30 1913, and the school district voted to have French taught for one hour during the day. Kermaria RC school No. 4 was formed during the 1920s, and held their classes in the Kermaria school building, and at this time, the English students were transported by bus to Roanoake School. In 1931 Kermaria #4 and Kermaria #775 were amalgamated, and English was the only school language until school closure in 1956. Kermaria was part of the Melfort school Unit for the last 11 years. The school building was sold and became the Highway Garage in Naicam.

KEW GARDENS School or Kew Gardens School Disrict 4847 held their first meeting in 1930, and the building was built in the spring of 1931 at NW 9 41 16 W2. The school burned in 1946, a new school was built, and ready by fall of 1946. The school closed in 1968 after years of struggling to find teachers. Pupils were sent by bus to Melfort, and Kew Garden school was closed and used as a grain storage building.

KITAKO School 3172 was built on SE 24 40 16 W2 and opened July 1914. The school was absorbed into Melfort Larger Unit 54 in 1945. The Kitako school District closed in 1970 and upils bussed to Naicam. The school building became the community centre.

LAC VERT School 2265 was erected on NE 35 40 18 W2 in 1908 and opened in 1909 south of the present village of Lac Vert. In 1928, five years after the arrival of rail, the village had expanded to a size to warrant an addition to the existing building or a new one. A new school opened in 1929 in the village of Lac Vert, and the old building at the old location 1/2 mile south of town was sold. In 1956 another one room school building, called the "cottage school" was moved into Lac Vert from Naicam. In 1965 the cottage school closed, and in 1966 Lac Vert school closed altogether. Pupils bussed to Pleasantdale or Naciam.

LEWIS LAKE School District 3400 opened on SE 36 40 19 W2 in 1916 following the construction which commenced in 1914. In 1950, a new school was built, and the old school building was sold and renovated into a home. In 1962, the school closed, and pupils were bussed to Naicam. This second building was sold, and also renovated into a home.

LITTLESTONE School District 2069 was built following the meeting held in the spring of 1908. School began in a community home for eleven pupils. In 1909 a school wbuilding was erected on SE SE 4 40 17 W2 in RM Pleasantdale 398. The school was built near Lake Edward first named Littlestone Lake by the First Nations. In 1928, this school building was sold, and a new building erected which remained opened until 1955. Pupils bussed to Naicam. A book Trails and Tails by Miss Gay, pupils, and residents was written before the school closure about the school.

NAICAM School #1999 was erected following the petition of 1907, and first meeting of 1908. The school building was built in 1909 on the SE NE 11 40 18 W2. In 1922 another building was added when Dumbarton was moved to Naicam village, as well, a primary cottage school served the north side of the vllage. The Pioneer School, a brick school, was erected in 1923. DUMBARTON School 1999 was relocated near this brick school to serve intermediate grades, and the brick school served primary and high school. After the second floor addition was constructed at Pioneer School, the Dumbarton school building was moved onto a farm. In 1945, the Melfort School Unit was established and Naicam was absorbed into sub-Unit 1. In 1951, another cottage school was built adjoining Pioneer School to serve the primary grades, which was used until 1955. Over 1954 and 1955, Patterson school was built. REG. J. BROWN School was erected to help serve the bussing of children in from Littlestone, Greenlawn, and Kitako rural schools.

ROANOAKE School District No 4292 was located at SE SE 25 Tsp 41 Rge 19 W2 according to the book map.

SERVICE School District No 4474 was built in 1923 following the community organisation in 1922. The school closed in 1924, the teacher went to Home School to teach. Service School re-oopened in 1926 and this time remained open until 1960 and then burned to the ground taking with it all school records.

VIOLETDALE School No. 4781 was a log building 22 feet by 28 feet constructed in 1929 80 rods southwest of the NE 8 40 16 W2 following the community meetings of 1928. This Violetdale school building operated until 1947 when a new school was built on NE 18 40 16 W2 This second school building served the community until 1967 when pupils were thence bussed to Naicam.

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