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CAITHNESSSchool District # 3824 SW Sec 17 Tsp 22 Rge 28 W of the 3 Meridian
Estuary, Saskatchewan

I recently visited the site of my old one room school in southern Saskatchewan. I was pleased to find a marker at the site of the old school, however, I was disappointed to fine the spelling of the name is wrong. Please see the attached photograph. The correct spelling is "CAITHNESS".
Earl Brown
Webmaster note:
Spelling as "Caithness" and not "Caichness" is confirmed by the following sources: 63 65 107
Estuary is located at 15 22 28 W3 according to the 1948 Waghorn's Guide Post offices in Man Sask Alta and West Ontario. Between 1912 to 1914, the former name of Estuary was Deer Forks. In 1912-07-01 the post office was located at Sec.15, Twp.22, R.28, W3; moving nearby to Sec.2, Twp.23, R.28, W3 in 1919-02-27. 77
1948 Waghorn's Guide Post offices in Man Sask Alta and West Ontario.
Historic Railway map showing neighbouring placenames near Estuary.

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Caithness School District 3824, Caithness SD 3824, Estuary, SW 17 22 28 W3, South Saskatchewan, Caichness SD 3824, 1917-1956,