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I have been enjoying your One Room School Project site,
and have an addition for you from:

"Our Roots: Canada's Local Histories Online books"
Title: Cadillac: Prairie Heritage
Table of Contents and Volume Search Page
Author: Cadillac and District History Book Association,
Publisher: Cadillac, Saskatchewan: Cadillac and District History Book Association, 1987

Driscol Lake School District No. 3336 is covered in pages 490-493.

Page 491 has a photo of the schoolhouse.
Quoting page 492, "The Driscol Lake School District No. 3336"...

In the fall of 1914 the ratepayers committee of W.F. Chedister, Charles
Clark and Chris Berger petitioned the Minister of Education for the
organization of a school district. The proposed boundaries were to be
sections 5-8 and 17-20 of Township 7, Range 13 W3rd and sections 1-3;
10-15; and 22-24 of Township 7 Range 14 W3rd. Eligible students at that
time were 13. The petition was granted and the Driscol Lake School District
No. 3336 was erected on May 21, 1914. The district was given power to
borrow $2,200 to build and furnish the school and outbuildings. Mr. H.
Hedstrom and P. Nordquist each gave an acre of land for the school and yard.

The school was finished in 1915 and the first teacher was Miss O'Connor.
The first pupils were Dorothy, Francis, Jean and Divona Hutchinson;
Benny and Raymond Ray; Frank, Olive and Ross Johnson; Emil and Ida Swanson;
Clayton McKnight; Edna and Lila Walker; Katherine and Theata Nickelson;
Edith Hedstrom and Margaret Hunter.

The school was closed in 1946. The school house was sold to A. Syrenne
and moved to Val Marie and used as a hardware store. The barn was sold to
P. Grant and the toilets to Ted Facette.

(Dorothy Hutchinson, listed above, was my grandmother.)

The section goes on to list teachers from 1915 - 1945, and has 2 photos on
page 492 - class of 1920 and class of 1935, and 1 photo - class of 1941 on page 493.


School images taken by Red Lauttamus

The following school districts are also included in this online book:

Cadillac School
Cadillac (Elmwood) S.D. 2733
Beauchamp S.D. 4141
Beaver Valley S.D. 3804
Bedford S.D. 3195
Boule Creek S.D. 3314
Crichton (Priory) S.D. 3716,
Wheatville S.D. 4547

Driscol Lake S.D. 3336
Fairy Lake S.D. 3591
Gouverneur S.D. 4557
Highway S.D. 4623
Kingsmeade S.D. 4011
Little Six S.D. 4262
Orwell S.D. 3680
Prairie Lane S.D. 4059
Valle Ste. Claire S.D. 3184

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