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Burnbrae school district 4665

near Loverna, Court, Kerrobert, and Major
Rural Municipality of Burnbrae No. 321
Saskatchewan, Canada

 Burnbrae  school district 4665, 1932-1952,  Rural Municipality of Antelope Park 322 ,  Saskatchewan,

 Burnbrae  school district 4665, 1932-1952,  Rural Municipality of Antelope Park 322 ,  Saskatchewan,

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Burnbrae  school district 4665 - RM 321-322 Map, 1932-1952,  Rural Municipality of Antelope Park 322 ,  Saskatchewan,

Numerical School District Listing

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Book Title The School beneath the hill : chronicles of Antelope Park S.D. no. 3464, Court and Hilldale District no. 3099
compiled by Marion E. Berry, Ethel M. Noble, Joyce I. Hill
Published c 1971 Kindersley, Sask. : Kindersley Clarion

Title Borderline memories : a history of the town of Loverna and the school districts of Antelope, Claremont, Grattle, Pizarro, Rock Plains, Saskalta, Springville, South Loverna and Stratton
Published Loverna, Sask. : Loverna New Horizon, 1980

Site of
Burnbrae School
No. 4665
This Cairn dedicated
in 1977 in memory of
the pupils, teachers
and residents of this
community from
1932 to 1952

Nearby Placenames

Antelope Park No. 322 is a nearby Rural Municipality
Compeer 25-33-1-W4 Alberta Unincorporated place
Court 22-33-28-W3 Saskatchewan Unincorporated place
Fusilier 21-33-27-W3 Saskatchewan Unincorporated place
Heart's Hill No. 352 Saskatchewan Rural Municipality
School maps used with permission

School District map courtesy Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan Regina office
Numerical School District Listing

School Inspectorate Map. Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan. Map collection B 8/2. Commissioner of Education Boundaries. 1917.
Rural Municipality of Antelope Park 322 is Twp 31,32,33 Rege 27 28 29 West of the Third Meridian

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