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Buffalo Horn School District

NW Qtr, Sec 23, Twp 6, Rng 12, W3
Buffalo Horn District was located along a line approximately
halfway between the present-day towns of Ponteix and Val Marie, Saskatchewan.

Buffalo Horn school c1915. Photo by Mary Belle Isaacs.
According to Myrtle (Childerhose) Moorhouse, the Buffalo
Horn school was founded on a 2-acre site on the George Barager homestead
(NW Qtr, Sec 23, Twp 6, Rng 12, W3; probably around 1910-1915)

The following is from M.E. Dixon’s books “Prairie Trails Along the Pinto
and “Dusty Roads Along the Pinto”.
   The Buffalo Horn School District #930 was founded in 1912 and the last record of proceedings
were in the year 1944.  Later the building was sold to Norman Ellis and moved to the Reliance

   The first meetings to organize the Buffalo Horn School District occurred at the Pleas Isaacs
residence (Sec 35, Twp 6, Rng 12, 3W) on 2 March 1912 and 18 May 1912.  The first school
board to be voted in were George Barager, Pleas Isaacs, and Jim Green.  A loan of $1400 was
necessary for the construction and furnishings for the school.  It’s dimensions were 20x26
feet with a 10-ft high ceiling.

   Early teachers included Douglas McCall (1913), , Laura Isaacs (1914), Flossie Miller (1915),
Sara Pippy (1918), and Myrtle Isaacs (1919).

   A list of students enrolled in 1914 included Marjorie and Helen Condie; Walter, Robert, Maud,
Myrtle, Cuba, Grace, and Jack Isaacs; Olive, Myrtle, and Janie Childerhose; and Arthur,
Elsie, and Beatrice Cooper.
Byron Spoon
Los Angeles, California

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