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Aneroid Consoliated School

Aneroid, Saskatchewan (SE9-9-10-W3 )

Aneroid Consolidated School
in the year 1914

Other Sources of Information about this school and area:

  • Indianola School District No. 2704
    The only sod school house in western Saskatchewan. Officially founde in 1910, the school was located on the SE 1/4 Section 6 Township 9 Range 10 West of the third meridian. It was named Indianola by some of the settlers from Indianola, Iowa.

    School opened on Tuesday, April 4, 1911, with teacher Miss Ida Bliesner and 20 pupils. The school closed in 1913 and the students were transported to Aneroid. The last teacher was Laura Blair.

    School house site is located one mile south of this marker.

    Erected 1989 by the Aneroid Community.

    Saskatchewan History and Folklore Society
    "Gathering, perserving and sharing the history and folklore of Saskatchewan"

  • Ghost towns of Canada - Aneroid

  • Indianola SD 2704

  • Aneroid Consolidated School 2704
    1913 - First Consolidated school built in Saskatchewan
    1915 Brick building built in NW corner of Aneroid

  • Title Aneroid : the rising barometer : 1905-1980, Aneroid, Cananea, Quimper, Warren, Erinlea, Pinto River, South Pinto districts
    Published Aneroid, Sask. : Aneroid History Book Committee, c1980

  • Indianola Sod SD 2704 earned an image and history on Pages 59 to 61 of The little white schoolhouse Pulse of the community Those bittersweet schooldays Title History of Aneroid., paraphrased as follow: The community met in the spring of 1910 to oranize a school, yet the closest source of lumber was Swift Current, 99.87 Kilometers (62.06 miles) to the northwest, and the rail had not yet arrived to this community. A sod schoolhouse was put forward as a temporary building. "Your proposiation is too weird to consider. A building of bricks, logs, stones or boards, yes but who ever heard of a sod schoolhouse? " was the first reply from the Department of Education. The community persisted, and finally Mr. H. Calder, deputy Minister of Education relented, "Remember! Yours will be the only so schoolhouse in the west!" The sod schoolhouse opened in the spring of 1911 serving 21 students, and closed in 1914 giving way to frame one room schoolhouses.
    Published Aneroid, Sask.
    Author Aneroid High School, 1955

    Author Charyk, John C Title The little white schoolhouse Pulse of the community Those bittersweet schooldays
    Author: John C. Charyk
    Published Saskatoon, Sask. : Western Producer Prairie Books, 1968-1977 Local series: Western Producer Prairie Books
    ISBN 091930608X (v. 1) 091930625X (v. 2) 091930687X (v. 3)

    For more information about Aneroid sod school house and Indianola School

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