Ontario County

New York State


My Dear Namesake

Surely you will think I have forgotten all about you. Well, I got your letter the week before leaving Cannington so I had no time to write, then I had a very long journey. It took me one day to come from Cannington to Moosomin & I stayed one day in town there - the first time seeing a town for a year & a half - and it took me 3 days and 3 nights in the train. That was a rather jolly time - music & dancing - but not very easy sleeping when rough riding. The trains here are quite different to England. They are long cars - one car will hold as many as 60 people and 2 seats facing each other. These seats open out and 2 people can lie there. Then there is a thing overhead that lets down & 2 more can sleep up over the seat.? We had a lot of fun with a Chinaman coming along.? They wear their hair in long plait down their back. This one had hair about a yard long.? Well, I can tell you I am in quite a different country to Cannington. There was nothing but bare open prairie - no fruit nor trees - only as I have told you before raspberries strawberries currants and gooseberries that grow wild. I have now been here with Uncle a week. Round here it is just like Cusop - there are grapes pears, apples, plums. Peaches, cucumbers & tomatoes grow all out on the garden without any hothouse. It is really a beautiful country. It's colder, here in winter than in England but nothing like where I was living. I don't intend to go back there again. Mrs. Humphreys wants me to go in the spring, but this child don't intend to. Well I am now a long way from Johnnie. I feel as if I shall never see him again now. I had a letter from him before I left, he was in very good spirits then. I am now only 325 miles from the city of New York. Well I can assure you I was surprised to hear of William going with Hannah, for I thought he was such a straightforward fellow. But such being the case, I think you have done quite right. By the way, how about those socks? Were they ever finished or has Billie lost them? I think the young man you have now must be quite a dandy. I should be ever so pleased to see him if it was possible. Well I assure you I have never been with any fellow since leaving the old country. I heard about the r. old pig. What a botch they made of it in so short a time. Why surely Dame Durden must be very sad about it, having her back again. Are you not sorry for the poor slavvys? Perhaps she is not quite so fussy now.? What has become of all the household furniture and is the r. old p. still in the same place? Have you heard where Watkins - that impertinent young man - is gone to? Please write & tell me what you gave for that book & postage and I will send you the money. I am going to get into a situation this next week. I guess I shall have to live with Yankees, this time. I don't much like that but they are very nice people, all as I have seen yet. I guess I will not write any more. I will tell you more next time. Please write soon as you have time.




Address to: -


M. Pritchard, c/o Thomas Greenow

Gorham Bethel, Ontario County

New York State, America


From your old friend




Hoping you are feeling good. Will send you a photo as soon as I can get some taken. I have quite forgotten whether I wrote you just before I left or not.












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