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My Dear Namesake

I received your kind letter July 27th. Very pleased to hear from you. I wondered what ever had become of you. I thought surely you had gone home & was married & had a home of your own to fix up which occupied all your time.? Well, I am very pleased to hear you have been home for William's sake & to see the dear old spot - Dulas Docks. How I should like to see it once more in its peaceful hours we once enjoyed. I just think of it - for I do every day. Certainly I would not have expected you to write whilst you were at home. You had far more important duties to attend to - but I think it was very naughty of you to go off with another young man to the sports. Just think of William's feelings. Well, Martha I am sorry you have to work so hard. I have to work a great deal harder this summer than last. Of course Mrs. Humphreys was not here last summer and that makes a great difference. She is never happy unless surrounded by visitors.? There is very often people to luncheon, tea or dinner - not forgetting the dances. There were about 70 people here to a dance in July. They look like a lot of fools coming to be fed. I quite agree with you on the service question. I am tired of it myself and will quit it before long. I never was quite done up until this summer. The eldest daughter & myself is spring cleaning. Colour washed all the house, upstairs & down and painted all the woodwork. It had never been done before. There's 13 rooms upstairs and 11 rooms down beside a very large landing and hall. I really worked myself out till I was quite weak. Of course I had the heavy part of it. Mrs Humphreys bought a bottle of Scott Emulsion and gave me. I am thankful to say I am alright again now - only much thinner than I used to be but none the worse for that.? Dear Martha, I have not been to the World's Fair, nor am I going. It's more than a thousand miles from here. There's no one I know going there. I have not seen Johnnie yet. He is nearer here now than he was. He is near his cousin Will, who I told you married Mrs. Kinsey in Hay's sister & they live a long way from here. I do hope to see Johnnie before very long.? Just think - I have never seen any one I know since leaving Hay. Everything and everybody round here is got so stale. I never go out with anyone, I feel such a modest young woman. I have a Singer sewing machine. Such a nice one which is very useful. Must close with kind love to you. Kind regards from Johnnie. Please remember me to William.


Goodbye ? write soon??????????????????????????????????????? Martha


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