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Easter Sunday


My Dear Martha

?You apologised for not writing last time. Really I am ashamed of myself for it?s a month today since I got your letter which I was so pleased to receive. I got a letter from my brother the same time. I got a letter this week from a place I lived at near Builth - also one from Polly Evans, dressmaker - naughty girl - the first time she has written to me.? First, I must tell you what frowsy weather we have had. Really I did not think there ever was such intense cold. Just think, it's considered very cold in England if there is 30 degrees of frost, whereas it has been 87 degrees here and also a howling wind blowing 30 to 40 miles an hour. It does not matter what you got on - unless it?s a real skin coat you cannot keep the cold out. I have only been to church a very few times this winter. I have had my ears frozen. Its pretty sharp when they thaw out and the skin comes off, but its not as bad as you may think. There has been snow on the ground ever since last October, just think - never a spot of rain since the snow fell. This last week it has begun to thaw. We have had several days? snow now and then all winter - a blizzard it's called here - that's driving snow only a great deal worse than I ever saw at home. There has been several people frozen to death this winter. Now the weather is got warm enough to wear a hat. I expect we shall have some rain now soon. I have not been very well this winter through being in the house so much more than ever I have been accustomed to. Now I shall go out more. We have some of the family services on very bad Sundays but not the long sermon as I daresay you have not forgot. We also had a midnight service on New Year's Eve. I did not enjoy Xmas Day much. We were 17 here altogether. There was such a lot of cooking to be done. I went to church in the morning and dinner was at 4 p.m., and tea at 10 o'clock at night. I was fearfully tired at night and quite glad to go to bed. Well the presents I got from all were a night-dress case & a handkerchief case, a pair of woollen night slippers, a small work box & a fox skin muff, 2 books, a small basket and a photo frame, and from the post master Sloper 10 dozen envelopes and paper. There is generally a crowd here to tea on Sunday. Mrs. Humphreys gets all the bachelors she can of course. The doctor bunch- they are 3. The doctor bunch are going to do a great wash when the rain comes. He has invited me to go to his house to see the lambs. He has a lot to come in May.? It does seem funny never to go out at night. It makes me feel so steady. One good thing, I am never hustled off to bed at night. They never say anything to me and I often sit up till 12 p.m., instead of 9.30 p.m.? The Graphic comes out here every week, also the London Weekly Times, and 'The Lady' - called a journal for gentlewomen - with the fashions in every week. People get all their fashions from England. How is your cloak wearing? I have lined mine with thick coat cloth. I have never worn it much yet. There is 2 girls come out here last summer with a family. They are 2 sisters - its very nice for them. They have both started spousers. They are cutting a great swell. They wear the abominables and that?s caps in the evening. Also they attend the dance every week. They don't go to church because it's too cold but it's not too cold to go to the dance. Polly Evans told me there was going to be a grand new house built in Cusop. I wish I had what you got - a machine. I have (unreadable 2 words)? only sewing is so dear here. Cannot get a dress under 4 to 6 dollars. Well now, what do you think about our little house? I often wonder if that little girl is with Miss Morgan - Malster now. I am thinking of going to the Worlds Fair but I have not quite made up my mind. It's such a long way. I see in the paper there is to be a World's Fair in England in '95. Possibly I may come home then. I do so hope that we shall meet some day again. I am going to write to another friend of mine who is in London since she was married. Nearly forgetting to thank you for the papers. There was some quite interesting things in it. I get an English paper sometimes. I see Tom Frances Pardoe is going to Castleton. I hope your little brother is better - poor little fellow. I know what going to sleep is as he calls it.


With fond love

From your old friend




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