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Dear Martha,

You told me about your wages - that's better than with Mrs. S. is it not? Now I get 10 dollars a month & the boss is going to rise me to 12 dollars a month when I have been here 6 months. 1 dollars is 4 shillings and 2 pence, so you can see that's ?2 : 15 : 8d a month,

12 dollars a month will be ?2: 10s per month. So that's better than Mother S. and time to do my own sewing & a machine whenever I want it.? Harry Moore is rather nice looking but not so good as his photo.? I do see him every Sunday in church.? There's 2 other young men living with him - no woman. The people about here likes Harry much better than Arthur.? Harry is very sweet on a feeble young girl 17 - her name is Kate Phipps.? She wears her hair in a pigtail down her back.? Please burn all my scribbling for fear Mrs S. should see any of it.? Have you another girl with you? Did you go to Jordan sometimes after I left?? I hope you set my old boots sailing in the cradle to the deep.? I will write about dress next time, as my space is too short this time.? I am sorry your Mother keeps so weak & I am very sorry to hear about Amy Davies.? I hope she will soon get better.? Somebody sent me the Hereford Times for the first week in June.? I don't know who did unless it was the butcher?s boy.? I saw a list of all the charming couple's presents.? I saw you gave her a flower basket.? Some of the presents are put wrong in the paper.? I thought it was Mr. Hincks gave her the dinner gong.? It was put so as Mrs. Wootton gave it her.? Mrs. Jones - Dufferin told me poor old Sammy and the cook from Griffiths was married in June. What a match.? So Sam can sing his evening song to her - sleep on beloved sofa? She also said the servants were leaving Mrs. S. Sadly I have had neuralgia in my head very bad but I am alright now.? It is just boiling hot or freezing all the time here.? I do dread the thoughts of winter.? How is your brother Jim getting on? My brother Jim is all right. Mother is living by herself now. She doesn't like that very well. When I leave here Mother's brother wants me to go to him in Ontario, so I think I will go. That is nearer New York & I hope more lively. There was one boy 15 and one girl 14 confirmed - I mean of this family today at our grand church. I am pleased you are going to send me a photo. I will send you one when I go to Moosomin to have it taken - if I do go this summer, as 40 miles is a long way and no train.

From your loving friend,??????????????????????????????????????? Martha


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