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SGW for kids Homestead Project

Students could use the National Archives Archivia Net database to look up homestead locations. They could then use the Sask Wheat Pool Maps database to determine which town is located closest to this pioneer's homestead. ( Such as William R. Motherwell's Homestead near Abernethy, Saskatchewan, which is a National Heritage Site). This would familiarize students with the growth and changing development of Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan's historical roots, rural township and range numbering. The project would also provide a tool which student's may wish to use to discover their own ancestor's homestead.
A trip to a local library history resource room will turn up many homesteaders to look up on Archivia Net. Use the various local history/family biography books as an aid to help to identify early homesteaders:

Various local history/family biography books online

What's in a Name edited by E.T. Russell. 1973. Modern Press.

People Places Saskatchewan and its Names by Bill Barry. Canadian Plains Research Center, U of R. 1998. ISBN 0-88977-114-6

People Places The Dictionary of Saskatchewan and its Place Names by Bill Barry. People Places Publishing Ltd. 1998. ISBN 1-894022-19-x

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SGW for kids: Saskatchewan Photo Project

History teachers who are teaching in a social studies area, ie family life, Saskatchewan history, multi-culturalism, agriculture, genealogy, ancestry, etc. could use the many resources put on line by Sask Gen Web and the regional Gen Web sites. Students could research their project using one of the many picture databases now online at Sask Gen Web...Students would be able to study the pictures, and compose their own project from what they have learned from the pictures. There is a great deal of room for individual viewpoints, as there are quite a few images and information available.

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Picture Resources Online at SGW

Canadian Maps - These maps show placenames which no longer exist, Rail lines of a bygone era, Rail line schedules, Township and Range markings for legal land descriptions or homestead locations

Maps from the Atlas of Saskatchewan 1969 & 1999 Celebrating the Millennium
Selected maps from the two Saskatchewan Atlases showing boundary evolutions, early trading forts and ethnic bloc settlements, etc.

Saskatchewan Country Elevator System Maps 1924, 1947, 1950, 1952, 1984
Sask Wheat Pool Calendar Maps which show township and range numbering for the years 1924, 1947-48, 1950-51, 1952-53, 1984. Helpful for locating homestead locations and towns no longer in existence. Information about homestead application and requirements to receive a Dominion Land Patent Grant.

The PICTURE GALLERY of CANADIAN HISTORY 1763-1830: Saskatchewan
Pictures drawn of early homestead implements, canoe route maps, including a great deal of information with most of the pictures regarding settling in 1763-1830.

Wheat and Woman by Georgina Binnie-Clark
1914 Saskatchewan Illustrations and Captions from the book

A Summer on the Canadian Prairie by G. Binnie-Clark
1910 Saskatchewan Illustrations and Captions from the book

Kindersley Region Gen Web Photo Album
Kamsack Region Gen Web Photo Album
Lloydminster Region Gen Web Photo Album
Pictures of St. Joseph's Colony

Saskatchewan and its People
Saskatchewan and Its People Transportation Steamers, Red River Carts and trails, Trains

Saskatchewan Historical Photographs

Saskatchewan's One Room School House Project

Saskatchewan Photographed

Saskatoon Region Gen Web Photo Album
Saskatoon Region Gen Web Photo Album book 2
Pictures at the above sites depict some historical sites, and agricultural implements as well as Saskatchewan scenery and nature photographs.

Story of Canadian People

Many more links to internet sites regarding Saskatchewan's early history and multiculturalism

Other WWW internet Sites

Saskatchewan News Index: Saskatchewan's Top News Stories

The Francophone Collection of Sasktchewan

Canadian Heritage Gallery -Saskatchewan

Digital Saskatchewan

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