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Saskatchewan Historic First People

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Before arrived, it is found that there was a heritage of peoples dating back about 35,000 years. Before c 5,000 BC, there were mainly big game , the Clovis, on the . At the end of the (two words) , and south of Glacial Lake Agassiz, these hunters had huge wooly Mammoths, Mastodons, Bison antiquus and Bison occidentalis to hunt. After the end of the in c 3,000 BC, there was a to hunting small game and gathering food such as berries, herbs, and food from native plants. The historic Deneid was found in the Northern shield and tundra area similar to where the Athapaskan group hunted in the 17th to 19th . The Algonkian language lived in the parklands of Saskatchewan from the 1600s through the 1800s where the Lanapid remains were . Further south in the plains , were tribes belonging to the more recent Siouan language group which to the Lakotids in excavation sites. Rock , petrographs, and rock called petroglyphs are both referred to as pictographs. In the Northern shield, there are such pictographs that were from canoe along the waterways which were the main routes of travel in the north. Some pictographs and medicine wheels are in central and southern Saskatchewan which to the spiritual and sacred religious in the history of the first nations people which are still not fully understood .

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