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Although Dr. Clarance H. Edmunds has practiced in Saskatoon but a short time he has won a position among the foremost physicians and sur- geons of the province. He was born in Arthur, Ontario, in April, 1889, a son of Solomon and Edna (Baskerville) Edmunds, the former a native of Smith Falls, Ontario, and the latter of western Ontario. For many years the father was in the ministry of the Methodist church and held many important charges in Ontario. He is now living retired in Toronto, at the age of eighty years. Mrs. Edmunds is also living. In the acquirement of his preliminary education Clarance H. Edmunds attended the public and high schools of western Ontario, and subsequently enrolled in Toronto University. Later he became a student at Western University, London, Ontario, and was graduated from that institution in 1913, with the M. D. degree. He came to Saskatchewan and located in Ceylon, where he practiced for nine years. He then attended a clinic of the Mayo Brothers at Rochester, Minnesota, and upon his return to Canada located in Saskatoon in March, 1922. On taking up his residence here the Doctor had no acquaintances but he possessed the genius for making and keeping friends and today he has hosts of friends throughout the city. He maintains well appointed offices on the ground floor of the Barry Hotel building and has one of the best equipped offices west of the city of Winni- peg. He has recently installed actinic ray therapy both air and water cooled mercury quartz lamps and he has been having wonderful results with both general and local treatments. This is the first complete set of this kind to be operated in the province. Prior to his removal from Ceylon, Dr. Edmunds operated a drug store there and today he has extensive farming interests in Saskatchewan. Dr. Edmunds is married and has one child, Lynette, whose birth occurred on the 1st of February, 1915, and who is attending the Havergal College at Winnipeg. The political allegiance of the Doctor is given to the Liberal party and he has firm belief in the principles of that party as factors in good gov- ernment. He has never sought nor desired political preferment but is ever cognizant of the duties and responsibilities as well as the privileges of good citizenship and is never too busy to aid in the furtherance of any movement for the benefit of the community. His religious faith is that of the Methodist church and fraternally he is identified with the Benevolent Protective Order of Elks. Along strictly professional lines he is identified with the Canadian Medical Society, the Saskatchewan Medical Society and the Saskatoon Academy of Medicine. The Doctor well merits his success and he is held in high esteem by all who know him. Bibliography follows:

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Dr. Clarance H. Edmunds ,Dr. Clarance H. Edmunds ,Dr. Clarance H. Edmunds
Dr. Clarance H. Edmunds ,Dr. Clarance H. Edmunds ,Dr. Clarance H. Edmunds
Dr. Clarance H. Edmunds ,Dr. Clarance H. Edmunds ,Dr. Clarance H. Edmunds
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