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Leonard G. Calder, sheriff of the Judicial District of Saskatoon, was born in Nashville, Tennessee, United States of America, on the 8th of September, 1870, a son of Lewis and Emma (Leonard) Calder, natives of Toronto, Canada, the former of whom went to Tennessee prior to the Civil war and engaged in planting. He remained there until the close of the war and subsequently returned to Toronto and was active in the conduct of a granite and marble works until 1879, when he went to Winni- peg. Shortly afterward he engaged in ranching near Rayburn, Manitoba, and was active in agricultural pursuits until the year 1882. He then moved to North Dakota, where he farmed until 1890, when he returned to Manitoba and located at Gretna. He resided there, a substantial and highly respected citizen, until 1904, when he came to Saskatoon. He made his home here with his son, Leonard G., until his death. Mrs. Calder has also passed away. Leonard G. Calder was reared and educated in Bathgate and Neche, North Dakota. In 1891 he went to work for the Canadian Pacific Rail- road as fireman and later became an engineer. In 1903 he came to Sas katoon and was engineer of a passenger train out of Saskatoon until 1905, when he resigned his position with the railroad, and entered po- litical circles, becoming organizer for Hon. W. C. Sutherland, Speaker of the House, and he also organized the district for Federal Members George E. McCraney, M. P., and W. E. Knowles, M. P. In 1906 he was elected alderman by acclamation, his first public office. In 1907 he was appointed sheriff of the Judicial District and has since satisfactorily filled this office. He was a member of the Saskatoon Police Commission in 1910 and it was largely through his influence that the local police were uniformed. For three years he has been vice president of the International Sheriffs Asso- ciation, is president of the Saskatoon Fair Association, and is a director of the Commercial Life Insurance Company, with headquarters in Edmon- ton. He owns four farms in this district. In Petrolia, Ontario, on the 29th of July, 1903, Mr. Calder was mar- ried to Miss Flossie McKertrick, and to them two children have been born: Eleanor, who is eighteen years of age; and Margaret, sixteen years of age. In his political views Mr. Calder is a Liberal and he is a firm believer in the principles of that party as factors in good government. His religious faith is that of the Methodist church. Fraternally he is identified with the Masons, and he is a Noble of the Mystic Shrine, and is also a member of the Knights of Pythias. For three years Mr. Calder was president of the Saskatchewan Motor League, for some time was president of the Saskatoon Commercial Club, and was chief executive of the Saskatoon Rotary Club in 1921. During the Great war Mr. Calder gave generously of his time and money in the furtherance of the govern- ment's interests. He was a member of the executive committee of the province for the promotion of the Victory Loan and he was active in the furtherance of other worthy causes. For recreation from his many busi- ness duties Mr. Calder turns to the great outdoors and he is particularly fond of baseball and hockey. Preeminently an organizer and promoter, he has been successful in the handling of large affairs. An unusual prosperity has resulted from unusual ability and has made the name of Leonard G. Calder synonymous with activity and accomplishment. Bibliography follows:

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