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Am trying to trace my great grandmother.
Name Albina Sveins born Nov 29, 1856 we believe in Rekyavic, Iceland. She came to Canada to Manitoba (date unknown) we believe to Winnipeg area, then to the Lake Manitoba area (Big Lake district west shore of lake)
since many came from Sask. I am sending this to you in hopes you can help. She married Eyjolfur Thompson (Tommasson or Tomasson) who was from the same area of Iceland (from US census from Bainbridge Island (off the coast of Washington State) said they had been married for 9 years so 1891 would be marriage date. So they must have been married in US, because it says they immigrated 11 years before census, which would have been 1889.
Always thought they married and then came to US, but from Census looks like they immigrated THEN got married (if you can believe the census.)

My grandmother Christine Ingibjorg Thompson was born Sept 24, 1893 on Bainbridge Island (that we know for sure)
they had one adopted son, Freeman which the census shows as immigrating at same time, 1889. Another son born on on Bainbridge was Thomas born 1895 and another son born there, Alfred born 1896. My gr grandfathers brother Jon Thompson (maybe didnt change name, maybe stayed Tommassson ) moved to Vancouver BC around 1907. Really confusing on this side of my family because the dates don't make sense. Always thinking Eyjolfur and Albina were married before coming to the US, but the dates dont match up. Any help you could give would be most appreciated.
On the ship coming over with Eyjolfur were his parents Tomas Ingimundarson born ? and wife Gudrun Eyolfsdotter born? in Rekyavic. they came with their children.
Patti in Redmond Wa

On behalf of a computerless friend:
He is looking for his natural father, Ben GILLES, who was living within a 100 km radius of Moose Jaw (on a farm) during WWII. Ben GILLES, if he is still alive, would be about 75 yrs of age right now.
If anyone knows Ben GILLES or anything about him, would you please contact me?
Also, if it is not too much trouble, and there aren't too many of them, could someone please look in the Moose Jaw phone book and forward me any Gilles that are listed?
Thank you very much in advance - my friend keeps hitting a wall with all his efforts.
Trudy Bray

I am looking for a book about Southey,SK. It is called "Pioneers and Progress: The History of Southey and District, 1980. It was publish and sold by the Southey History Book Commitee. The editor was June Gale. It was published by Friesen Printers, Altona, Manitoba. It has informationabout my FOSTER family that I would be very interested in. If anyone has any suggestions on how I might find this book, I would sure appreciate any help. Thank you for your time.

Looking for burial in Ridgedale cemetery for Elizabeth (nee Merrifield) MacPherson and her husband Henry Harold MacPherson.
Thanks Barb Paterson
Above email tested and bounced try snail mail address below.

Re. Anker Johannessen (son) Ljungren, can you help me to locate anything
about him?

My mothers uncle, came to Canada in 1927, and we have been trying for some years to find him or his family. Anker Ljungren (Johannessen), born 27.03.1906 from, Østre Toten Norway, immigrated to Arcola, Saskatchewan,
Canada 22 or 23 /3-1927 with the ship Montcalm (CPR owned), from Liverpool England to Quebec.
Canadian Railway Company also did the transportation once they got to Canada.
Ankers parents was Johan Johannesson Ljungren and Helvine Amalie Kolvsen Sørensen. Østre Toten Countyboard had a meeting 26 Jan 1927. They did give nok. 30.000 to 56 persons (nok. 600 per per. person) that went on the long trip.
A letter dated 14 June 1927 from Mr. W. F. Youngblud give a record of the arrival and that he got his first job at a farm owned by Mr. N. J. Olsen in Arcola in 1927 . A rumor in the family say that he joined the Canadian Forces in WW 2, doing
his time at an airfield and returned alive and that he was married and have a family in Canada and four daughters.
Can you please help me. This will mean so much for my mother to locate her uncle or his family.
Vidar Holum
0767 Oslo Norway
Phone. 47 22149307



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