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HEBRON CANAVAN gave his place of residence, when enlisting for WW1 in 1916, as a farmer in Summerberry. He had been born in Maxville, Glengarry Co., Ont. in 1897.
His older brother, EDWARD CANAVAN was also in the services and "possibly died in Sask". He was buried in Ont. in 1918. Their sister, FLOSIE ESTER CANAVAN "may" have married in Saskatchewan before 1916 (???) Their parents (my gr. grandparents) were JOSEPH CANAVAN (b: Oxford Mills, Ont) and MOLLISSA HICKS. They were married in the Manotick, Ont. area abt.1888. In the mid-late 1890's they were living in Maxville, Glengarry Co.; according to Hebron and Flossies birth certificates. In 1916 they were living in Gameland, Ont in the Rainy River district.
But where had they been from the late 1890's till 1916??? Tracing these Canavans has been difficult; to say the least! Supposedly "time was spent in Wakopa, Man".; but census searches in that Killarney area produced no
Canavan record. I'd very much apprecaiate getting any info possible on this CANAVAN family!
Did they maybe have relatives living in the Summerberry/Wolseley area???
Karen Andrews

I have CHALMERS, Agnes and CLIVE, David. They came from Dumfries and Stranraer in Scotland in around 1910 and had their Golden Wedding in the local Regina? newspaper in 1962. They settled near Regina in 1919 and retired to
Regina in 1951. They had two sons Gordon and Howard and two daughters Edna Duncan and Marjorie Gardiner. They were said at that time to have 14 grandchildren all living in or near Regina

CLARK, James
Would like to contact, for genealogy purposes, any descendants of James CLARK (b. 1851, d. 1916) and his wife Annie Lavina CALVERLEY (b. 1852, d. 1933). James homesteaded near Hartney Manitoba in the 1880's & 1890's. Then in the early 1900's he & two sons homesteaded near Zealandia, Saskatchewan. About 1912 they retired to Saskatoon and both are buried there.
Their children were:
Evolena Florinda May CLARK (b. 1875, m. Walter HYDE);
Vietta Duella Isadora CLARK (b. 1876, m. Jack PROUD);
Rose Emma Melita CLARK (b. 1879, m. Herbert DICKENS);
Herbert Moses Benjamin CLARK (b. 1881, m. Esther GUY);
Norman James Atkinson CLARK (b. 1882, m. Florence );
Annie Ellen Antoinettie CLARK (b. 1885, m. Wesley GRAHAM);
Bertha Isobella Gertrude CLARK (b. 1887, m. Gilbert WOOD);
Lina Rachel Elizabeth CLARK (b. 1890);
Lionel Henry Golden CLARK (b. 1896)
All the above are deceased. I have information on the parents & siblings of James & Annie.
James Calverley CLARK

I am looking for an ancestor of mine. His name is Mortimer Van Cott Byington, born Oct. 1, 1884. Moved to Saskatchewan, Canada, in 1911, where "he took up 320 acres of land and became a full-fledged citizen of
Great Britain." Apparently six years later a railroad was built through this section and a railroad station and village (Robsart) were established within one and one-half miles of his ranch.

This man was the brother of my great-grandfather. After he moved toCanada, the family lost touch with him. I am trying to trace some of my genealogy, and I would be interested in finding out if he married and had children.
Stacey Byington



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