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I am trying to find information about JAMES MUIRHEAD.  He lived in Unity or Salvador around 1890.  He was married to ELLEN (ELLA) NESBITT.  They had 6 children. Thank you. Pennie Newgard

My great grandfather was Henry or "Harry" Nursall and he immigrated with his wife, Hannah Mary Corbett Nursall from England around the turn of the century. They were homesteaders around Regina. Anyone researching the Nursalls please contact Sarah M.

I am researching the surname of BRINTNELL, I know that they lived in Saskatoon but in my many hours I have not found one trace of info about . The given name for one Brintnell is Matthew His birthdate is in the late 1870's The other BRINTNELL was Mahala [Brintnell] Phillips. From some old family records Mahala with her husband Albert moved to Tate Saskatchewan; Her birthdate would be in the 1850's. Any info would be very helpful .
Carrol [Brintnell] Tidrow


Any information would be greatly appreciated. Surname BEJEAULT. Alfred Bejeault born in or near Moosejaw, Saskatchewan approximate birth year 1855 married Jane Lanville unknown birth year. Please send any information to
Wayne Huffer 5570 S. 250 W. Ogden Utah USA. 84405

I would like information about Athabaska Landing. My mother Anna Swenson was born there january 4 1912 . My Grandfather Gullick Swenson (Sjvenson) and grandmother Chistina moved to Athabaska Landing from Stetler, Alberta in 1908 and owned a hotel and taxidermy shop. I would like any information on the hotel if it is still there, pictures if possible any copies of abstracts or records. I'm willing to pay a reasonable price to obtain this information . Also would like information on the community now because my wife and I may visit there next summer.
Other information I have on the Swenson family sons Sam, Richard, Martin, Hilmer, Oscar, Albert. Art, and daughters Hilda, Lena. My uncle Oscar told me stories of playing baseball with the local boys and sliding nearly a mile downhill on toboggen onto the Peace River. I been told by my uncles Gullick was credited with discovering a safe, perpetual for the town of Athabaska Landing. He used a copper pipe with a small hole in it , driven into to ground to tap into the natural gass reserves. Is this the truth? He wasn't the first to discover this was he?
Any information of the life and times of the Swenson family would be greatly appreciated
You can fax (701) 652-2294

My name is Sheri Pegg and I live in South Florida. My grandfather, Stan Pegg,lived in Denholm, Sask. from 1911 until at least 1926. I have a picture taken in 1926 in Denholm of the Pegg Family Outfit they worked wheat fields with heavy equipment. I believe some of my relatives are still in this area and I would like to find them. My great grandfather was Henry Pegg, son of Joseph Pegg who moved to Saskatchewan in 1903 from North Dakota(and before that from Dresden, Ontario). Any Peggs who believe they are related, please feel free to E-mail me!

CARLSON,Carl Anton b.Dec 1867 Fosnes Nord,Trondalag,Norway died 17 Apr 1936 in Canora,Sask,Canada burial in Sturgis --spouse Olena KIDLAND

I am researching my father's family, MACDOUGALL or MCDOUGALL. The only information I have is that my grandfather, WALTER MACDOUGALL, was born on 1/12/1888 and that his family came from Saskatchewan. I am told that I
still have relatives living in that province. I am relatively new to genealogy research.

Seek any available information on surname Kinnick. An uncle moved to Saskatchewan in 1880s. Any Kinnicks are probably related. Seek info on and contact with every Kinnick or descendant. Thank you very much

William L. Smith
P.O. Box 2003
Emporia, KS 66801
316-341-9937 William L. Smith Teacher Home Page

or Smith Family Home Page

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