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My grandparents arrived in Canada May 13,1898,on the ship Palatia at the  port of Halifax, from Bila, Chortkiv, Galecia (Austro-Hungarian Empire). They were to go to Strathcona, NWT (now Edmonton area)-there was an attempt to settle them in the Fish Lake area in Sask. some refused and were allowed to proceed - others stayed and possibly settled in Fish Lake. I am searching for my great grandfather Kindrat CHMELYK no evidence of him in Alberta) and my grandmothers brother ? Haryshym YUZDA/JUZDA.(also no evidence of him in Alberta). Hopefully they settled in Saskatchewan.
Thank you for your time and attention.
Stella Stanger

Seeking information on the H.A.Staveley Company, a real estate, farm management and insurance company that operated in Weyburn from about 1902, initially by Herbert Staveley until the 1940's and then I believe by his son Junior Herbert ("Jun") Staveley until maybe the mid-1980's. Would appreciate any ads, listings, etc that can be found related to that company. I'll gladly pay any reproduction or other costs of any documents found.
Gaylord Staveley

Paul and Anne DRAZDOFF  -  Canora, Saskatchewan mother of Ann, Mary CHUTSKOFF
I am trying to find out where these people, my grand parents came from in Russia.  My name is Lois Weller, daughter of Mary Weller who is the daughter of Anne Drazdoff.
Thanks.  Maybe someone can set me off in the right direction.

Searching for burial place of GEORGE BOECHER. All I know is that it is there.
Barry Boecher


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