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2,000 Spanish speaking South American settlers left Patagonia to come to a settlement in the Yorkton Gen Web Region of Saskatchewan near Saltcoats and Bangor. Patagonia is 1,000 miles from the southern tip of South America. They settled in the Vale of Camwy, the Chubut (Chibouk) River region in the 1860's. They had left the port of Liverpool on the 'Mimosa' in May 1865 and landed at the port of Newbay, South America about 40 miles from Patagonia. In 1888, a new colony started called the '16th of October' settlement near the Andean Pedmont. In 1896, there were 2,500 Welsh in the Patagonia settlement and 200 at the '16th of October' settlement In the 1890's their was land title disputes, the government wished to enforce Spanish language in schools, and military training was enforced, even on Sundays which was against their religion. The Welsh who had left to South America to retain their Welsh culture, were now being assimilated in South America.

Evan Jenkins and 30 Welshmen came to Saskatchewan and scouted out Saskatchewan. Townships 21, 22 Ranges 3, 4 west of the 2nd meridian were reserved for the incoming settlers. On May 15, 1902, 230 Welsh sailed from Port Madryn to Liverpool on the 'Orissa'. From there 208 Welsh continued the journey to Canada leaving Liverpool June 12, 1902 on the 'Numidian'. The settlement was called Llewellyn and included Glendwyr School District #991 and St. David's School District #1141.

In the Regina Gen Web Region there were Welsh settling at Cymric and the city of Regina. Glaslyn much further north in the Lloydminster Gen Web Region also had some Welsh settlers. The cities of North Battleford Battleford Gen Web Region , Prince Albert Prince Albert Gen Web Region, and Saskatoon Saskatoon Gen Web Region also had Welsh immigrants.

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