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Following the 1848 Revolution of the Austrian Empire an impoverished and landless peasant population was created by Austrian land reforms, a heavy rural population, lack of employment and heavy taxes were imposed on the population. Galicia was to separate into Polish and Ukrainian provinces. Bukovina and Transcarpathia included in the new Ukrainian province. In the late 1800s The Dominion Land Act of 1872 attracted peasant immigrants as "...One hundred and sixty acres of land was offered... to each settler who paid a filing fee of $10.00 and who resided on the land for three years. The settler, during that time, was required to build a domicile and to break at least fifteen acres of his land." 1 .

To quote Sir Clifford Sifton who, was Minister of the Interior and Immigration in the government of Sir Wilfred Laurier: "When I speak of quality I have in mind something that is quite different from what is in the mind of the average writer or speaker upon the question of immigration. I think that a stalwart peasant in a sheepskin coat, born on the soil, whose forefathers have been farmers for ten generations, with a stout wife and a half-dozen children, is good quality."

Many Ukrainians came from two provinces of Austria, Galicia and Bukovina, and would be listed as Austrians as that would be the nation issuing the passport. Bukovina:From 1775 to 1918, is now known as Romania and Ukraine. Bukowina or Buchenland is German, Bukowina is Polish, Bucovina is Romanian, and Bukovyna is Ukrainian Ukrainian settlers from Central Europe were Galicians, Bukovinians, Ruthenians, Part Russian, and Part Polish. .

One of the earliest Ukrainian settlements of Saskatchewan was in the Weyburn Gen Web Region at Montmartre, a Galician Settlement c1896.

Donwell in the Yorkton Gen Web region sported a Ukrainian Hall. Balgonie, Calder, Grenfell, Melville, Dnieper which was Mennofeldt, and Gorlitz which was Tetlock , Grenfeld, Ituna, Melville, and Yorkton, helped Ukrainians migrating in the late 1890's feel at home. All Saints and Sts. Peter and Paul congregations at Rhein are served under the parish of Yorkton Holy Transfiguration Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Yorkton Gen Web area attracted Ukranains who had initially set down in Saltcoats, but later most moved to Yorkton. The Yorkton Gen Web region which was intially British migrants from Ontario who had moved west, now was transformed into East European colonies by 'head agencies' in Galicia and Bukowina.

Neighboring Kamsack Gen Web area to the east also saw Ukrainian immigrants farming around Canora;1897-1898. The congregation of Mamornitz is served by the Canora - Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Sheho-Theodore-Foam Lake Ukrainian Orthodox Parish in the Kamsack Gen Web area serves Drobot, Edmore, Insinger, Lysenko, Parkerview, Sheho, Theodore, Tuffnell, and Westbrook

Alvena, Batoche, Crooked Lake, Cudworth, Dana, Fish Creek, Peterson, Prud'homme which was Howell, Rosthern, St. Julien, Smuts, Tarnopol, Vonda, east and west of Wakaw, and Yellow Creek all showed signs of Ukrainian settlement around and about the Saskatoon Gen Web Region.

The largest wave of emigration of Ukrainians occured following the Russian Revolution of 1905. Ukrainian autonomy was rising and was squelched by the Petersburg Government. The young immigrants arriving in the early 20th century were more educated and very intent on preserving Ukrainian language, culture, national and religious beliefs. (Great Russian, White Russian or Byelorussian and Ukrainian are designated as "East Slavic" languages. 2)

After the turn of the century, settlers dispersed from the aforementioned areas of Central-and- Eastern Saskatchewan. In northern Saskatchewan for example, Lloydminster Gen Web Area also boasted Ukrainian pioneers at Blaine Lake, Hafford A.K.A. Redberry, Krydor, Marlin, and Whitkow. As well as in the neighboring, North Battleford and area (Battleford Gen Web )

Prince Albert Gen Web Region invites researchers to query boards and look up volunteers for placenames such as Edenbridge, Gronlid,Henribourg, Hubbard, Honeymoon, Kalyna, Meath Park A.K.A. Janow Corners, Paddockwood, Shipman, Weirdale, and Prince Albert and area. The Prince Albert Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Church also serves a congregation at . .

"The Ukraine was divided between two empires, that of Russia and of Austria-Hungary." 3 Ukrainian immigrants from Russia settled in South Saskatchewan, the Moose Jaw Gen Web Region: Namely, Fir Mountain to Glentworth District as well as more southerly towards Kildeer and MacWorth area. 1908 would see the arrival of homesteaders such as Artimenko, Bonenko, Buckoski, Pankos, Romanchych or Romanski,and Sylshenko. Wood Mountain area invited Doniluk, Goriuks, Hordenchuk, Kachuk, Keriak, Mazapiuk, Pysmeny, Topolas who were Russian Ukrainian settlers.

Rail lines helped many a settler apply for a homestead patent or to make improvements. Some Ukrainian families sought urban employment or employment chopping wood, help others build houses. As a result, around the turn of the century, many Ukrainians were naturalized in Regina (Regina Gen Web). Urban Ukrainian Workers Association, the "Union" or "Zluka" started a newspaper in 1922 called "Ukrainsky Smoloskyp" or the Ukrainian Torch. In 1922 Ivan Fedorwych listed Regina's Ukrainian immigrants, there were 385 from Bukovina, and 283 from Galicia.

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Cemetery in Verkhniyakivtsi, Borshchiv rayon, Ternopil oblasty
"Many, many families left this town and moved away, predominantly to Canada. For instance, a majority of the Ukrainian pioneers in Rosthern and Vonda in the province of Saskatchewan were specifically from this town. In Canada, variations in spelling this name include: Verchniakiwci, Wierzchiakowce, Wersznykiwci, Wiszniency, Werchnikevci, Wershnikiwtsi, Wershnikivetz, Wershnykiwci, , Wiszniaucy, Vershnekewsti. "

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Cemetery: Borschiw Cemetery
near Prud'homme Saskatchewan

Cemetery: Laniwci-Ukrainian Catholic St. Ascension SW1-41-2-W3 Laniwci, SK

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Cemetery: St. Mary's Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery near Rosthern, Saskatchewan

Cemetery: Terpannia Brookhill Cemetery Located 15 km south of Blaine Lake, Saskatchewan on Highway 12.

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Cemetery: Ukrainian Marker Tsp 41, Rge 2 West of the 3rd meridian

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* --Sts. Peter and Paul RM 215 NW 23-23-8-2
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* --Goodeve Holy Ghost RM215 NE1/4 10-24-9-2
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* --Holy Ascension UO Church, Wimmer

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# 101, 10544 114 Street,

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Winnipeg Mb.

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