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Hitler's Anschluss (Annexation of Austria) forced Sudeten Germans to Canada. A migration of about 1,000 Sudetan Germans took place when Hitler took over their home land in 1939. The CPR settling refugees along the Peace River for example at Tomslake, B.C. The CNR to the St. Walburg area, Saskatchewan They were granted refuge in the Lloydminster Gen Web Area, north west Saskatchewan. The refugees boarded either the Samaria or the S.S. Montcalm from the Sudeten Mountains in North Bohemia of Czechoslovakia settling in St. Walburg, Brightsand, Goodsoil, Waterhen, Loon River, Makwa, Barthel, Flat Valley and Loon Lake . In 1940 many left to help in the industrial war factories in Quebec and Ontario.

There were German speaking immigrants from Poland, Austria, Czechoslovakia, and Germany. Czech, Slovak, Polish, and Wendish are all "West Slavic" languages.1

In central Saskatchewan Saskatoon Gen Web Region there were several Saskatchewan settlement areas with Czechoslavian immigrants, namely, Broderick, Glenside, Kenaston, Hanley, and Strongfield. Valley Center, and Marriott are further north in the Lloydminster Gen Web Region. Gerald, Kolin A.K.A. Esterhazy, Kaposvar, and Langenburg had Slovaks and Czechs settlement which are all in the Yorkton Gen Web Region. These regional gen web pages are the starting points to get going on your research. At the regional gen web sites, find a wealth of regional information and you can peruse queries as well as post queries to help you over that "brick wall".

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    *-- The Country Doctors by Henri Chatenay, 1980,
    Book which chronicles many of the medical profession including
    a Sudeten German, Dr. Robert Weil of St. Walburg.
    Who Served as a Psychiatrist at Battleford, Weyburn,
    Frenchamn Butte, and the Saskatoon City Hospital.

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