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One of the earliest Polish settlements according to SAME - Saskatchewan Association for Multicultural Education - was in Otthon Saskatchewan about 1894-1896. .(Yorkton Gen Web). In the early 1900's Polish immigrants applied for homestead status around Glenavon Weyburn Gen Web, Fosston Kamsack Gen Web area , and Honeymoon Prince Albert Gen WEb
. There were quite a few Polish settlements,many of them occuring in settlements of Ukranian homesteaders. One of the earliest was in the Weyburn Gen Web region at Candiac around 1896, Also at the turn of the century, Polish homesteaders came to the Saskatoon Gen Web Region near Alvena, Tarnopol and Fish Creek. Nestled within Ukranaian colonies of the Kamsack Gen Web area in the early 1900s were Dobrowdy (later Buchanan), Kowalowka (Later named Tiny), Bobolynci (Later Fosston), Rama, Mikado and Kuroki. August heralds an annual pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes at Rama, Saskatchewan. Weyburn Gen Web region saw further arrivals in 1902 at Cedoux. Venturing further north in the early 1900s saw Polish immigration to Gillies (Later called Windsor Lake and then Blaine Lake), Redberry Lake, Marcelin, Krydor, Kleczkowski (Later called Oscar Lake) and Albertown of Lloydminster Gen Web and Meath Park (later Janow Corners) of Prince Albert Gen Web.
The Hapsburg Dynasty 1278 - 1918 ruled this central European country of Austria On censeii and passenger lists residents may be classified as Austrian, though they may be Croatian, Czech, German, Italian, Ukraninan, Polish, Romanian, Slovene or Slovak.

From 1867-1918, there was an Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. Likewise, immigrants classed as 'Austrian' may include Germans, Bohemians, Moravians, Slovaks, Ruthenians, Slovenes, Servians, Croats, Roumanians, and Magyars. In 1938, Northern Austria became a part of Germany. As there were many border differences, this was the reason why immigrants registered their country of origin as Austrian. There were German speaking immigrants from Poland, Austria, Czechoslovakia, and Germany. Czech, Slovak, Polish, and Wendish are all "West Slavic" languages.1 Records from Poland may also include areas now part of Ukraine, Lithuania, Belarus.

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"Many, many families left this town and moved away, predominantly to Canada. For instance, a majority of the Ukrainian pioneers in Rosthern and Vonda in the province of Saskatchewan were specifically from this town. In Canada, variations in spelling this name include: Verchniakiwci, Wierzchiakowce, Wersznykiwci, Wiszniency, Werchnikevci, Wershnikiwtsi, Wershnikivetz, Wershnykiwci, , Wiszniaucy, Vershnekewsti. "


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