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Norway (Norwegian), Finland (Finnish), Iceland (Icelandic), Sweden,(Swedish) and Denmark (Danish)

There was a large Icelandic settlement in Gimli Manitoba. As the colony expanded, and as homestead options opened up Saskatchewan for purchase, some of these settlers from Gimli, Manitoba migrated to the area of Foam Lake, Kandahar, Bertdale (Bildfell), Kuroki and Elfros, Saskatchewan, ~ the Vatnabyyour settlement (which are a part of Kamsack Regional Gen Web Project. ). As they followed the rail lines out west, Icelanders set up shops in Langenburg, Churchbridge, Bredenbury, Salcoats, MacNutt and Calder. Newcomers from Iceland started new Icelandic colonies around Þingvalla (now known as Thingvalla) and Lögberg, the largest wave of settlers arriving in 1886. The Vesturbyggd or "Western Settlement" later became known as the Concordia district (near Churchbridge). The Vatnsdalur "Water Valley" District around Vallar and Hólar (now known as Tantallon) saw the heaviest influx of settlers around 1887. Churchbridge and Thingvalla are within the Yorkton Regional Gen Web Project

"Actually, there was a very strong migration from North Dakota beginning with an exploration by a dozen hardy riders in 1903. Later some settlers were added who came via Manitoba, but many of the North Dakotans had homesteaded in that state prior to 1885. Homesteads there were only 40 acres, so some were drawn to Brown, Manitoba (near Morden) where 80 acres was being offered. However more were attracted to the 160 acres homestead of Saskatchewan, including some who had already settled at Brown." 1

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