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Na-Dene or Athpaskan First Nation

Northern Saskatchewan Caribou Hunters: Na-Dene or Athpaskan language group: Chipewyan, Chipewyan or Dene, Beaver or Dunne-za or Tza Tinne , Dene Dháa, Hare, Slave, Sarcee or Tsuu T'ina, Slave:

Chipewyan is a Cree name for this group meaning Parka wearer or pointed skins, Tsuu T'ina means a great number of people, Sarcee is a Blackfeet name meaning "No-goods". (Tribal Names and their meanings)

Chipewyan/Dene Language

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CPAWS Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society Tazin / Selwyn Lake Upland


Dene 1 Dene (Chipewyan) Language

Dene Names as an Organizing Principle in Ethnoarchaeological Research. Muskox 33:49-55. 1984 (with Christopher C. Hanks)

Dene / Cree Elder Speak

Dene Place Names

Dene (Slave, Dogrib, Hare)

Dene Standardization Project

Ethnologue: Canada

Female Dene Baby Names

Folio: Project to Save Dying Chipewyan Language (January 7, 2000)

Human History in Far Northern Saskatchewan

Human History in the Far North

Male Dene Baby Names

The Dene and Na-Dene Indian Migration 1233 A.D., Escape from Genghis Khan to America by Ethel G. Stewart

Na Dene Language Group

North American Indian / Edward S. Curtis

Rosetta Project Na-Dene

Sarcee Reserve: An Indian Community by Manywounds et al. ISBN 1-895073-74-X

Saskatchewan Indian Cultural Centre - Heritage Website - Ethnography - Dene - Origin

To submit new biographies of pioneers with Dene - Saskatchewan Roots.

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