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Algonkian First Nation

Central Forest area of Saskatchewan: Algonkian / Algonquian: Cree Parklands Cree, Swampy Cree) and Saulteaux (Chippewa, Ojibwa, Plains Ojibwa, Anishinabe, Bungi, Ojibway):

Ojibwe is from an Algonkina word Otchipwa which means to pucker. Anishinabe means original men.

Algonkin (Algonquin)

The Anicinabe


Cree (Ayisiyiniwok, Eenou, Eeyou, Iynu)

Cree Lesson 1 - Greetings and Polite Formula

Ethnologue Canada

First Ojibwe Language and Culture

KEEWETIN Mailing List: Cree fur trade family histories in Canada.

Maquah.netsubmission by Clara focuses on the genealogy of the Ahnishinahbæótjibway, Ojibwe, and Métis people, especially at Red Lake and White Earth Indian Reservation. The site includes extensive databases, and links to genealogical and historical information at (including treaties, 'negotiation transcripts,' Red Lake and Pembina annuity payrolls, and some tribal enrollment records).submission by Clara


Saskatchewan Parklands / Buffalo Culture: Algonkian / Algonquian: Cree:(Killistinaux, Kristanaux, Knisteneau, Christino, Cristinaux, Great Snake, Shoshaknee)

Aboriginal Faces of Saskatchewan - Women

Aboriginal Faces of Saskatchewan Freda Ahenakew

Ahtahkakoop First Nation

Ahtahkakoop Band of the Cree Nations

The Cree

Cree Bibliography

Cree (Kristineaux) Indian Tribe and their Language

Cree Language and the Cree Indian Tribe (Iyiniwok, Eenou, Eeyou, Iynu, Kenistenoag)

Cree Syllabary

Dene / Cree Elder Speak

Mailing List: KEEWETIN. Cree fur trade family histories in Canada discussions. subscribe (mail mode) or subscribe(digest mode).

Freda Ahenakew - review of Our Grandmothers' Lives

Native Americans: The Métis People (Michif, Metis Indians, French Cree).

Ojibway Culture

Ojibway and Cree Cultural Center

Sarah Penman Images of Native America Portfolio Thumbnails

Spotlight: Freda Ahenakew 1

To submit new biographies of pioneers with Algonkian Saskatchewan Roots.

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