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The matter of handling law in this area now known as Saskatchewan was handled differently historically. Saskatchewan became a province in 1905, and during the time that it was known as Rupert's Land (from the establishment of early fur trading posts until 1870) legal matters were handled by the Hudson's Bay Company, HBC. The General Court of the Hudson's Bay company was located in the Red River Settlement. Hudson Bay company archives

Canadian confederation in 1867 meant that the Dominion Governement would handle legal matters and assume control of the lands formerly held by the HBC. Legalities were handled by North West Territory (NWT) magistrates from about 1873 to 1886. The various provisional districts of the NWT usually tried their more serious cases at Manitoba's Court of Queen's Bench.

After 1886, the NWT cooperating with the Dominion Government established a Supreme Court of the NWT and the establishment of 5 judicial districts, each with their own courts.

Saskatchewan established a judicial system of its own in 1915. By 1958 there were 21 judicial districts which meant a re-structuring of the judicial system to operate with one district having 21 judicial centers. For more information on which matters are currently held before which court, and their respective addresses for current record holdings see Saskatchewan Justice Saskatchewan court records before 1931, are held at Provincial Archives. Some court records dating 1931-1954 for the Regina area are held at Regina Provincial Archives


Saskatchewan Probate Estate Files FamilySearch Record Search A collection of historical records that is available for free online at FamilySearch.

Saskatchewan Judicial District Court Records (FamilySearch Historical Records) A collection of historical records that is available for free online at

Wills may mention members of the family of the deceased, value of his estate and how it was apportioned. If someone passed on without a will, probate records may also list property and heirs of the deceased. Saskatchewan's various regional surrogate courts hold probate records made before 1958. Wills are filed at the closest judicial center of the deceased last place of residence. The Surrogate Clerk Regina Court House will provide for a fee a copy of probated wills if the full name of the deceased, death date, and last residence can be provided. These records are found in the local court closest to the last residence. It is possible for a copy of a will to be found in the Land Title or homestead records. Surrogate Clerk Regina Court House address is on this webpage: Research Resources in Canada. A copy of a will may also on occassion be found in Land Title or homestead records


It is best to establish the date of the divorce or marriage. The Department of Vital Statistics will do a three year search for a marriage certificate. For a divorce, it is best to go to the courthouse in the Province and search there yourself. The name of the defendant, place of the trial, and year should be known before contacting the Judicial center in the area or archive. If you live out of area you can contact the SGS or find sks (some kind soul) on a Mailing List or Look up Volunteer, who can help you with this search in person, or you may wish to do the look up in your local Family History Center.


Naturalization records were handled by provincial courts before 1918 and by Citizenship and Immigration Canada after this date. For more information see this article Canadian Census and Naturalization Records


At are digitized microfilm Governor General files. Reel 1187 holds 93 pages relating to Saskatchewan out of the total 25,122 images online at Heritage Canadiana on the reel. The search screen allows the scanned microfilm to be searched. Putting in a surname and Saskatchewan would allow a search for persons from Saskatchewan. Reel T1152 has 38 matches for Saskatchewan out of 2,149 pages online. Reel T1486

Court Records

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A charge delivered to the Grand Jury of Assiniboia, 20th February, 1845 Thom, Adam

Court of Queens' Bench

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Courts of Saskatchewan: Wills And Estates
What Is The Wills and Estates Registry? How Do I Search the Wills and Estates Registry?

Saskatchewan Law Courts - Wills and Estates
With the date of death, application can be made to the Saskatchewan Law Courts to search for wills, letters probate, letters of administration, estate titles which are held in the Wills and Estates Registry dating back to 1883. (Without an exact date of death, a search can be made, but an approximation is required)

Courts of Saskatchewan

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Prince Albert Branch Saskatchewan Genealogical Society - Heirline Archives May~Jun~Jul~Aug 2000 - Court of Queen's Bench Records

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Saskatchewan Probate Estate Files FamilySearch Record Search A collection of historical records that is available for free online at FamilySearch.

University of Saskatchewan - Law Library - Saskatchewan Court Judgements

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