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  • Historical Documents vary depending on whether the settlement was started before or after 1905. From 1882-1905 the locality would be in the North West Territories, which was divided into three provisional districts: Assiniboia, Saskatchewan, and Athabaska. The 1881, 1891, and 1901 Census are the latest censeii released for this area. Sask Gen Web placename locations are within the North West Territories as of those census years. Saskatchewan's provincial entry into Canada's Confederation was September 1, 1905. Saskatchewan / NWT / Ruperts land evolution maps

  • To give an idea of when the settlement was established, there is a year stated which is the establishment or re-opening of a Postal Station. If the date is before September 1, 1905, the location was settled in the North West Territories originally.

  • If a postmaster name matches the placename, it is mentioned for possible follow-up.

  • When a postal place name has changed it is indicated in the comments

  • Placename sizes are not given. Please consult Census of Prairie Provinces Population and Agriculture Manitoba Saskatchewan Alberta, 1916 for the populations of Cities, towns and Villages 1901-1906-1911-1916. Welcome to Statistical Profile of Canadian Communities has 1996 Census of Population. Statistical Profile of Canadian Communities has 2001 Census of Population.
  • Location and Legal Land Descriptions can be found at a number of these WWW Map web pages.

  • Please check for variations of spelling. The placenames are sorted alphabetically. For example check three spellings for Saint: St. Ste. and Saint. Placenames which are spelled St. or Ste. for Saint are located after "Ss", and the alphabetical location for Mac is in a different location from Mc.

  • Placenames such as "The Summit" are also listed also as "Summit,The".

  • For a listing of the Province of Saskatchewan placenames which appear on the 1901 census: Sask Gen Web: NWT 1901 Census Placename Finder

  • Placenames which use the letters , , , are listed without accent, and the spelling with the accent is in the "comments section". This is to help enable you to use the "Find" feature, "Control F", and automatically find a place name within a page. To help you spell these words in further typed copy (using the default font Times New Roman) Press and Hold the "Alt" key with these number combinations from the key pad:
    Alt 0233
    Alt 0232
    Alt 0206
    Alt 0224
  • SOURCE: FUNG, K.I., BARRY, Bill, & WILSON, Michael. (1999) Atlas of Saskatchewan Celebrating the Millennium. Saskatoon: Printwest.

  • SOURCE: RICHARDS, J. Howard & FUNG, K.I. (1969). Atlas of Saskatchewan. Saskatoon: Modern Press.

  • SOURCE: National Archives - Archivia Net - Postal Archives

    We have striven to ensure the accuracy of all information on this site by exercising due diligence. This Saskatchewan Gen Web - Search Saskatchewan Place Names is not made in affiliation with or with endorsement of the National Archives of Canada. This information is provided for non-commercial purposes and to assist in personal research so it is published here under the guidelines for Nonc-ommercial Reproduction.
  • It is the intention of this site to make Saskatchewan town names and locations available to persons with a historical or genealogical interest in this area. There are no service charges or fees for use of this map service, and use of this site constitutes your acceptance of these Conditions of Use. This page is dedicated to be an online source of this Saskatchewan historical data. Any further use of web site would require permission from the above sources, and the Sask Gen Web master as per copyright laws in Canada.

  • Under Saskatchewan's Lost places...Rose Plain coordinates were enabled by Susan Sorensen. Thank you very much.

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