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The Saskatchewan ethnic pages are provided with a fill out form to help provide an interactive online forum between researchers to discuss ethnic research for Saskatchewan Ancestry. This is a guideline to help researchers interact using this forum.

The feedback form is optional to fill out.
Please fill in only the fields you are comfortable with.
Please use the feedback form comments section to provide an online forum providing a network of support on ethnic family groups, ethnic information and resources to enrich researchers if they are doing Saskatchewan genealogy with ancestral roots from a specific ethnic background.

These Saskatchewan ethnic pages provide online support to find ethnic settlement history of ethnic cultures within Saskatchewan. Any databases which are added with reference to online or offline contact would be an enormous help to researchers who are trying to locate their ethnic roots. The resources regarding information that would help all ethnic homestead records, immigration emigration information, local history family biography books can be found at Resources Please add any book titles, postal mail contacts of public offices, successes, challenges regarding ethnic Saskatchewan cultures to the form under comments. Please respect privacy of those living when adding postal mail contacts.

LOOK UPS in a specific ethnic resource could be added, if the resource was specific to an ethnic culture. If the resource is specific to a region, use the Regional Look Up Pages to post a volunteer look up offer.

For QUERIES or dead ends use the query boards as they receive use for folks looking for family surnames. Your query will get a lot of attention on the World Wide Web if posted on the regular query boards , as the query boards are searchable at Rootsweb by surname as well as by region.

To help you in finding the appropriate Sask Gen Web regional query board and to find more resources in Saskatchewan specific to the Saskatchewan region, each Saskatchewan Settlement Place Name is followed by a small hyperlink number. This number is the Saskatchewan Gen Web region and if you click on it, you will find regional resources, a regional query board, look up volunteers and much more!!

Web Pages
If you have a web site or have book-marked an excellent web page that has resources, or genealogical information pertaining to ethnic-Saskatchewan Genealogy Roots, please post it on the respective Saskatchewan ethnic page. Put a description of the web site in the "comments" section of the form.

COPY AND PASTE HINT FOR http://www url's
If you have the site book marked and saved in "favorites", use the "right" mouse button in Microsoft Explorer on the specific web page and move down the pop up menu to "copy". When "copy" is highlighted let go of the mouse button, and the web page hyperlink address is now on your clipboard. Press the key Control (hold it down) and then press V holding them both pressed at the same time to "paste" this web page http://www address into the form field for "Web Page URL".

If you are using another browser open two windows...(Click on any link on the page that is open with the "right" mouse button and in the "pop up menu" scroll down to "open in new window" When "open in new window" is highlighted blue, let go of the mouse button, and there will be another web page open ...see bottom of your computer screen. In the new window open up your book marked web site. In the location tool bar near the top of the page will be the http://www address. Click with the left mouse button at the beginning of the address before http:www, HOLD the button down and move the mouse till the entire http://www address is highlighted blue. Let go of the mouse button, and the address stays blue. Press the key Control (hold it down) and then press C holding them both pressed at the same time. This will copy the http:// address to your clip board. Now in the form use the keys Control and V together to "paste" this web page http://www address into the form field for "Web Page URL".


If you post an entry more than once, cannot find your entry, make a mistake or wish to remove your posting please contact the Web Master: J. Adamson.

NOTE Any NEW information posted with the forms will show up at the end of the ethnic Page only when the "refresh" or "reload" button is used. (The WWW just loads the Page from a previously stored version in the "Cache" file of your home computer and won't show the new addition unless you ask the WWW to reload the page from Rootsweb server with the changes added by this form)

Once you push the "Enter" button, the information in this form is added. Use clear form to start your entry over. Please double check your spelling and comments and press the "Enter" button once only.

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Once you push the "Enter" button, the information in this form is added. Use clear form to start over. Please double check your spelling and Comments and press the "Enter" button once only.

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