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The family historian can indeed draw from bible entries, marriage certificates, funeral, birth, christening and baptismal church registers for information about a particular family ancestor. The dates can prove particular useful to determine residence near a city or rural municipality enabling the historian to piece together the past with the resources from the various churches. These resources are assembled together to assist the historian to reinforce the historical timeline of their forebears from records held by various spiritual denominations around the province of Saskatchewan.

Write to the church central office for your denominational queries. Many of the central offices/archives can be found on their denominational web site as provided below. Provincial archives have some early parish registers, but many records must be accessed with permission of the appropriate church office or archivist.

Please check church archives for baptismal records, marriage and other religious documents as well as...

Churches were very involved with education in early Saskatchewan. There were (French) Catholic and (English) Protestant schools (missions) established with the early trading forts and communities in Rupert's Land (Saskatchewan). The (French) Catholic mission schools were later to become known as Saskatchewan's seperate or Roman Catholic School System. The (English) Protestant mission schools were later to become Saskatchewan's Public School System. Saskatchewan Schools or School Divisions (R.C.S.S.D and Public)

Saskatchewan Catholic Church Records have recently been added to the website Catholic parishes and dioceses located in Saskatchewan. Church records. Catholic parishes in Saskatchewan, Canada.. This online Searchable archive contains baptisms, confirmations, marriages, burials, and other records from several Roman Catholic parishes created some time between the years 1846-1957. For more using the online Saskatchewan, Catholic Church Records, 1846-1957 LISING
ADDITIONALLY: Saskatchewan Church Records Addresses of some of the major denominations in Saskatchewan (FamilySearch)

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Anglican Church of Canada General Synod Archives

Anglicans Online National Church Repositories

A photo gallery of some Saskatchewan churches can be found at Saskatchewan Gen Web - Church pictures submitted by Red Lauttamus

Archdiocese of Canada - Orthodox Church in America

Associated Gospel Church

Baptist Union of Western Canada Churches
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Canadian Archival Resources on the Internet Religious Archives

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Churches of Shaunavon

Churches of Southern Saskatchewan photographed by Mary Worel

Churches around Yorkton and area photographed by Red Lauttamus

Churches, The (Big River, Sk)

Crusading in the Canadian West : a survey of Baptist missionary endeavor, Baptist Union of Western Canada 1934

The official year-book of the Church of England.(Google eBook) Church of England, Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge (Great Britain). 1887. page 272 Diocese of Saskatchewan.

Doukhobor Ethnic Heritage - Saskatchewan

Doukhobor Posting Boards

Early history of Saskatchewan churches (grass roots). Book I Banting, Meredith Black 1975

Early history of Saskatchewan churches (grass roots). Book II Banting, Meredith Black 1975

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History of the Presbyterian Church in the Dominion of Canada Gregg, William1885

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The Living church annual and clergy-list quarterly (Google eBook) 1885

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A manual of modern missions: containing historical and statistical accounts of the protestant missionary societies of America, Great Britain and the continent of Europe, also numerous maps and diagrams (Google eBook) 1889.

Mennonite Brethren Home Page

Mennonite Ethnic Heritage Saskatchewan

Missionary notices. [Continued as] The Wesleyan missionary notices (Google eBook) 1872

Missionary year-book for 1889-90: containing historical and statistical accounts of the principal Protestant missionary societies in America, Great Britain, and the continent of Europe, Volume 1 (Google eBook) National Archives of Canada Saskatchewan Access Site
*--Colonial Archives CD Rom: selected records from the archives of the Catholic Church

Orthodox Church in America

Our Roots Canada's Local Histories Onlina- Presbyterian pioneer missionaries in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia McKellar,, Hugh, 1841-1934?

Our Roots Canada's Local Histories Onlina- Sketches of the life of Mgr. de Mazenod, Bishop of Marseilles, and founder of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate, and of the missionary labours and travels of members of that society in Canada, Labrador, the Red River regions, Saskatchewan, on the borders of the Great Slave and Great Bear Lakes, in the Mackenzie regions, to the confines of the Arctic Ocean, and in British Columbia. Volume 1

The Presbyterian Church in Canada: Records and Archives
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Religion and Churches - Cyndi's List

Roman Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon

Rootsweb Postin Boards; Boards > Topics > Religions and Religious

Saskatchewan Archives | Family History Research | Church Records

Saskatchewan Archives | Family History Research | Records of Educational Institutions

Saskatchewan Catholic Church Records (FamilySearch Historical Records)

a href="">Saskatchewan Roman Catholic Churches ~ Online Parish Registers ~ History

  • Part 1 Cemetery Preservation: Preserving Landscapes of Memories

    Saskatchewan Church Records Addresses of some of the major denominations in Saskatchewan (FamilySearch)

    Saskatchewan Conference Archives
    *--"The Saskatchewan Conference Archives holds records of Methodist, Presbyterian, and Congregational Churches within Saskatchewan prior to 1925, and of The United Church of Canada after 1925."

    Saskatchewan Directory of the Churches of Christ

    Seventh Day Adventists

    St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church Claybank, Sask. 100th Anniversary Saturday, June 23rd, 2012 Avonlea, SK on facebook

    Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada

    Ukrainian Churches of Canada : the official online ministry of The United Methodist Church

    United Church of Canada Archives Network

    Welcome to the Anglican Diocese of Saskatchewan

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