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Celebrate Saskatchewan 100 Years of Heart 1905-2005

The 2005 Saskatchewan centennial initiated several projects.  The following are a few of those which came online and are of special interest in regards to Saskatchewan's history and genealogists.


  • Saskatchewan Gen Web celebrated the centennial with the Saskatchewan One Room School House Project
  • This ORSH project encompasses the "100 years of heart" shown by teachers, families and students in over 5,000 places of Saskatchewan's educational history.
  • Genealogical indexes became available in Centennial Year.
  • Saskatchewan Health is publishing online genealogical indexes of births, marriages and deaths as a support to people researching their history.  "In other jurisdictions the range is typically 95 to 120 years for births; 20 to 70 years for deaths; and 50 to 80 years for marriages."
  • The Saskatchewan Homestead Index Project provides a searchable index to homestead records held at Saskatchewan Archives and is presented by the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society & Saskatchewan Provincial Archives Board.  
  • The provincial Government's website honoured Saskatchewan's pioneers and listed the plethora of events which commemorated the Centennial slogan 100 Years of Heart.
  • The CBC celebrated the provincial centennial with Saskatchewan's Story the people and events that shaped Saskatchewan.
  • “Celebrating Saskatchewan's Heritage and Saskatchewan History" provides Teacher resources and galleries and is presented by Saskatoon Public Schools, and the Western Development Museum.
  • Saskatchewan Radio's Broadcaster's celebrated Saskatchewan's 100 Years and recognized people who made a difference in our province.
  • 1905-2005 Winning the Prairie Gamble - The Saskatchewan Story was presented by The Western Development Museum showing interactive exhibits from the museum branches and incredible grassroots stories.


The following is a sampling of books which came into print to celebrate the province's Centennial in 2005.

  • Celebrate Saskatchewan 100 Years of Heart 1905-2005 Hardcopy
  • Canadian Plains Research Centre - CPRC - compiled the new Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan - A Living Legacy
  • Collector's Edition of Saskatchewan Brand Book was published for the centennial by the Saskatchewan government recognizing the importance of brands in developing the cattle industry.
  • Saskatchewan Federation of Labour published their recognition of working people in "On the Side of the People" - which tells the story of the history of Saskatchewan labour.
  • Saskatchewan History Centennial Timeline, 1905-2005 was produced by Saskatchewan provincial Archives.
  • Age Shall Not Weary Them: Saskatchewan Remembers its War Dead, by Bill Barry with Doug Chisholm and Beth Parsons presents the story of the almost 5,000 Saskatchewan men and women who gave their lives for Canada.
  • Saskatchewan Seniors Mechanism printed - "Saskatchewan Remembers Then and Now" - which is an anthology of Saskatchewan War Veterans.
  • University of Saskatchewan presents unique centennial gift to Queen:  Saskatchewan: A New History, by University of Saskatchewan History professor, Distinguished Researcher and Award-winning author, Bill Waiser.

The above are just a few of the many books which were published and provide an appetizer to whet your appetite.

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Celebrate Saskatchewan 100 Years of Heart 1905-2005

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