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Contribute webpage tells how to submit public domain post cards. If you need the postal address just E-mail. if you electronically sending in post cards, just E-mail and discribe what post cards you would like to share with others on the WWW. Then E-mail. them to Vintage Post Cards. Thank you very much.

Rootsweb Mailing List Groups and Posting Boards A mailing list is a grouping of people via email who are interested in the same subject ie genealogy in the various regions. Posting Boards are interactive internet resources for posting queries. Your posting or query can be viewed on the board and replied to by those searching the posting boards for archived messages. Post a message or read what other's are saying.

Regarding your genealogical enquiries, we can provide you with some starting points, Saskatchewan Regional resources, general provincial resources as well as mailing groups and posting boards, that should answer some of your questions or provide a path to begin with.

If you wish to volunteer or become involved, please email

If you have a question that is not answered online or if you have need for assistance further than the web pages online provide please email. It is through questions that many of the web pages have arisen as answers to Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ's. I would love to hear from you. ;-)

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It is the intention of this site to make Vintage Post Cards available to persons with a historical or genealogical interest in this area. There are no service charges or fees for use of this Vintage Post Cards, and use of this site constitutes your acceptance of these Conditions of Use. This page is dedicated to the free sharing of this historical data. Any further use of these Vintage Post Cards would require permission from the Submitter as per copyright laws in Canada.
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