Saskatchewan Cemeteries Project - Rothermere Cemetery - Spiritwood district, Saskatchewan

Rothermere Cemetery
(aka St. Thomas Cemetery) Spiritwood district

R.M. of Spiritwood # 496   SW 25-49-12 W3
GPS   53.250469N   107.634716W

Partial listing - Photographed by Val Brewster-Shoopman
(Click on coloured names to view the gravestone photo)

              Date of death

Barna, Jim  1942
Bulyaki, Ethel  1930
Bulyaki, Leslie (infant)  1965

Horvath, Benny  1938

Karkus, Andrew (infant)  1933
Kovac, (infant)  
Kun, Ziga  

Laughlin, Charles  2 Jan 1943

Molnar, Helen  
Molnar, Steve  

Redli, Julia  

Schroyer, Frank  
Scott, Maud Martha  1941
Smella, Mary  1942

Toth, Frank  1954

Varga, Louis  1938

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