Saskatchewan Cemeteries Project - Meadow Lea Cemetery - Percival, Saskatchewan

Meadow Lea Cemetery
Percival district
R.M. of Kingsley # 124   NE 16-15-4 W2
GPS   50.258512N   102.497713W

Cromwell, Mr.
Cunningham, (infant)  child of Fred & Margaret
Cunningham, (infant)  child of Fred & Margaret

Highland, Mr.

Keith, Peter 
Keith, Mrs. Peter 
Kennedy, Roy  died age 2 1/2 yrs

McLeod, Miss G. 
Moulding, Mr.
Watch, (infant)  son of Joseph
White, (infant)  dau of Robert & Elizabeth
White, James 
White, Jane 
White, William 
Whittet, Charles 
Whittet, Jane Ann  died Aug 10, 1893 
Whittet, William 

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