Saskatchewan Cemeteries Project - First Kronsfeld Lutheran Cemetery - Golden Prairie, Saskatchewan

First Kronsfeld Lutheran Cemetery
Golden Prairie / Richmound district
R.M. of Big Stick # 141   SE 28-15-28 W2

Contributed by Ada Shillinglaw-Deans

Mueller, Phillip  19 Nov 1857 - 24 May 1911 hus of Paulina Singer, son of Johann "Philipp" & Elizsabetha (nee Sattler)

NOTE from Ada:
The First Lutheran Kronsfeld Cemetery was located 10 miles south of Richmond and a mile north of the first Kuest Post office, on land donated by Jacob Hurter in 1911, on the south east corner of SE 28-15-28 W3. The first person to be buried in that cemetery was Philipp Mueller. In the early 1920s the church was moved 1 mile east and 1 mile south to NW 14-15-28 W3 and became known as 'Nue Kronsfeld Lutheran Church and Cemetery'. Mr. Mueller's grave was the only one left in the old cemetery marked with a wooden marker. The land containing the cemetery was later bought or reclaimed by the new owners and the cemetery was worked up and farmed over with no grave marker showing where Mr. Mueller was still buried.

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