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Old Protestant Burying Grounds (Elm Ave Cemetery) History

The Southport Ferry


"I regret that I cannot impart much information on the above subject.

Of course it was carried on until a comparatively recent period, that

is, up to the time of the completion of the Hillsborough Bridge. I

have a faint recollection of when I was a child of crossing on a side

wheel paddle boat, the motive power of which came from a pair of

horses going round and round on a kind of treadmill. If I remember

rightly, this boat was owned by and operated under the management of

Mr. T.B. Tremaine, who did business on Lower Queen Street somewhere

about the present site of Lyons' coal office. Following this

antiquated Ferry was the steamer "Ino", and later, "Ora" and later

still the "Hillsboro" and "Elfin". These boats left every half hour

from each side and on market days every twenty minutes. Our beautiful

harbor has a rather deserted look these later days. It is a pity it

should be so."


Benjamin Bremner, an exert from "Memories of Long Ago"

Transcription courtesy: Eileen Bremner - rtbremne@wolf.co.net.

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