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Date: Mar 1, 1997
Name: Brian Smith
E-mail: bsmith1@ptdprolog.net
Surnames: DOTY
Query: Interested in Thomas DOTY, son of Edward Doty & Phebe Finney. Edward was from Plymouth, Mass. but settled in Liverpool, N.S. I am trying to prove/disprove that Thomas DOTY, Edward's son settled in the Shelburne, N.S. and married Ann Crowell. Any help appreciated! Thanks, Brian

Date: Mar 14, 1997
Name: Levering Reynolds III
E-mail: LeveringR@aol.com
Surnames: MOSER / FALT
Query: Jacob MOSER was said to have been born in Liverpool 26 Oct 1832. Does anyone have a record of thatbirth? He married Mary Ann Falt (b. 25 May 1834). Does anyone have a record of her or her parents? I am interested in any records of MOSERs. I have a lot in my database already.

Date: Mar 17, 1997
Name: John C. MacLean
E-mail: JCMacLean@aol.com
Surnames: BROWN
Query: I am interested in any information or suggestions someone might have relating to the family of my great-grandmother:
Susanna (Susan) B. BROWN (1829-1917), who married on December 22, 1851, to Henry R. CORKUM (1821-1897) of Chester, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, and subsequently lived in Chester.
There is also an unsubstantiated family tradition that she descended from a Moses BROWN, who was said to have been a Loyalist from Massachusetts (but perhaps a Planter) should that be in any way familiar to anyone.

Date: Mar 20, 1997
Name: Keith Medeiros
E-mail: KJMedeiros@NETVA.COM
Query: I am searching for the families of John Farrington, married Sarah ? (both born bef. 1875) Children include: Lois Farrington(b.1875)
Lizzie Farrington(b.1875)married to Austin Williams, John Farrington Jr., Josephine Farrington married to Ross McKenzie, Mabel Farrington, and Alice Farrington.

Date: Mar 20, 1997
Name: Keith Medeiros
E-mail: KJMedeiros@NETVA.COM
Surnames: WAMBOLDT
Query: I am searching for the family of Eward Nehemiah Wamboldt (b. c. 1863) I do not know his parents names. He had a brother, possibly twin, named Jerimiah. Edward went by Ned, Jerimiah by Jerry. There were two sisters, Ella and Sarah, one or both were killed in the Halifax Explosion. Eward left home around the age of 14-16, following the death of his mother.

Date: Mar 20, 1997
Name: Sandra Ellis
E-mail: SEllis5837@aol.com
Surnames: GRATTO
Query: I am searching for the connecting roots between George Smith Gratto, born ca. 1846 in River John, son of George Gratto and Suzanne. I have reached a dead end. I know that they are descendants of the original Jean George Gratto, but I think I might be missing a generation. Many thanks.

Date: Mar 21, 1997
Name: Tony McNeil
E-mail: tonymcn@post.kosone
Surnames: McNEIL / MacNEIL
Query: I am looking for info my gguncle, Albert Joseph McNeil, for my family tree. He was b Jun 25, 1882 in Glace Bay. He died in Liverpool on June 19, 1948. He was married to Bertha Spencer. He was one of seven children born to John Hector McNeil and Margaret MacDonald. I also have info that states he was married to a Catherine Gilmore (Costello) with a dtr Helen.
Children of Albert and Catherine were Bertram Joseph (Bud) b 26 Jan 1922, d 1991. His wife's name was Pearl. Eleanor Frances b may 4, 1926 in Jamaca Plains, Mass d 31 Jan 79 in St John NB. I would appreciate any info you can provide to me.

Date: Mar 25, 1997
Name: Jan Craig
E-mail: gcraig@eagle.wbm.ca
Surnames: KEMPTON
Query: I am searching for any information on Richard Kempton b. 1739 moved to Liverpool, NS and married Mary Holmes (?) and any decendants especially Joseph D. Kempton b. February 23, 1841, Kempt Co, NS and his son Delbert L Kempton b. July 17, 1876, Bear River NS. I have information on the decendants of Delbert if anyone is interested.

Date: Mar 25, 1997
Name: Joyce Ferguson
E-mail: jmferg@aol.com
Query: Stephen VERGE, married Annie Gwyn of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia . She was born in Ship Harbour (presently Port Hawkesbury) parents were John Gwyn and Mary Hinkley. Stephen Verge was from Liverpool and was son of Nathaniel Verge and Eleanor Donaldson of Port Mouton. Nathaniel Verge was either son or grandson of Joseph Verge and Abigail Doggett. Any info about these family connections would be appreciated.

Date: Mar 25, 1997
Name: Tom Felkins
E-mail: 73125.1314@compuserve.com
Query: Mehitable Harrington married Rev Harris Harding around 1796. I am interested in her father and siblings.

Date: Apr 2, 1997
Name: Allan Griffith
E-mail: magriff@bigfoot.com
Query: I am searching for ancestry of several connected lines from Queens Co, via previously in Chester/St. Margaret's cove areas.
Don Shankle lists a marriage of Mary Ann PLUMMER to Wm. TAYLOR @ Methodist Ch. of Liverpool, 12-8-1842. I am trying to determine if this PLUMMER girl is a relative of my ggGF James PLUMMER 1819-1913 & his wife Eliza Jane JOLLIMORE 1824-1915, both died in Liverpool. I cannot find any parents or sibs of James PLUMMER who allegedly was born in a mid Atlantic transit while parent(s) emigrating to NS. Eliza Jollimore is d/o Christian JOLLYMORE 1779-1858 & Mary Margaret WESTHAVER 1786-1863. James PLUMMER had several children, one, my gGM Eunice Matilda PLUMMER 1853-1943 married Wm. A. SIMS (s/o Chas. SIMS & Mary Eliza COOLEN). I would also like to find more about the parents of Mary Eliza COOLEN. Believe her Father was Joseph & Mother Jane Elizabeth (need her surname).

Date: Apr 13, 1997
Name: Tim Ingram
E-mail: ingrams@megalink.net
Query: Searching for information on my third great-grandfather, Jacob Whittemore, and his wife Matilda. Family tradition says they are from Liverpool.

Date: Apr 13, 1997
Name: Jan Craig
E-mail: gcraig@eagle.wbm.ca
Surnames: HOPKINS
Query: My Grandmother (Jean HOPKINS b. Feb 1893?) was born in and lived in Port Medway, NS. I am interested in any information on her or her family. Her parents were George HOPKINS and Augusta ?. Birthdates unknown.

Date: Apr 30, 1997
Name: Bob Leslie
E-mail: bleslie@hfx.hookup.net
Query: Hello: I am beginning a Queens County lineage/geneology search for the current surname of 'Clattenburg'. My mother's maiden name. I believe the Clattenburg name was a later variation of the surname 'Klattenberger'. The family emmigrated from germany to Nova Scotia approx. 1750's. ANY information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Date: May 5, 1997
Name: Joe Bowers
E-mail: joe.bowers@ns.sympatico.ca
Surnames: HAFSETH
Query: Think Elias L.Hafseth may have been born in Bridgewater 1818-1820. Can anyone confirm this?

Date: May 11, 1997
Name: Bonnie Hansberry
E-mail: Bhansberry@aol.com
Surnames: RAMEY
Query: I am trying to find the parents of Febian Ramey b. 1822 d. 1922

Date: May 12, 1997
Name: Al Fraser
E-mail: afraser@jazz.cybermedia.net
Query: My grandfather,John Millard Fraser was born 5 Feb. 1888 at Milton, N.S. His father was H. Allen Fraser dies before Dec. 1889. His mother was Clara Sophia Hartlen born 4 Sept. 1864 at Labelle, Queens Co. N.S. and died 5 March 1943. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks Al Fraser

Date: May 12, 1997
Name: Richard S. Cooke
E-mail: cooke@tiac.com
Surnames: COOK
Query: I am looking for the census records for 1881, 1891, and 1901 which include Port Mouton and Hunts Point. I am particularly interested in the families which includes Joseph Burton Cooke who is my father's father and Harriet Laura Frellick. Joseph married Harriet Laura Frellick of Hunts Point.

Date: June 11, 1997
Name: Ann Laxton
E-mail: alaxton@interlog.com
Query: We are searching for the family of Oliver Prentice m. Lydia DeLong daughter of Jacob DeLong. We know he came to Ontario early 1800's of late 1700's and after war of 1812-1814 went to Ohio but where he came from we have no idea. A theory is that he and Lydia came from Nova Scotia and we have seen both DeLongs and an Oliver Prentice mentioned in some of the online look-ups for Queen's County. Any help would be appreciated. TIA.

Date: June 12, 1997
Name: Timothy Gillespie
E-mail: GillespieT@aol.com
Surnames: PIERCE

Date: June 26, 1997
Name: Kimberly Vigil
E-mail: svigil@succeed.net
Surnames: HERSEY
Query: Looking for any information on David HERSEY who came to Chebogue in 1763. His wife was Susanna _______. He had children Daniel, Samuel, Martha, Levi, and Deborah. Susanna died Yarmouth Co. 7/1/1791. Any help greatly appreciated.

Date: July 9, 1997
Name: Richard Cooke
E-mail: cooke@tiac.com
Surnames: HUTT
Query: I am looking for a Annie Tryphosia Hutt. She was born about 1835 and married Caleb Nickerson Cook on 20 December 1853. I suspect that she is descended from one of the HATTs that emmigrated to Nova Scotia from Switzerland in the 1850s. I did not find her in the book "Hold onto Your Hatts". She died 27 September 1911 at Port Mouton. Her husband died 7 October 1877 at Port Mouton. Annie is my great grandmother. I am looking for Annie's birth information (date, place, and parents).

Date: July 10, 1997
Name: Rod Laybolt
E-mail: Roderick.Dorothy@ns.sympatico.ca
Surnames: LAYBOLT
Query: I am currently trying to trace the arrival of the Laybolts to N.S. I have been told that they came from Germany?? around the late 1700's and arrived in the south shore area of the province. Up to now I have not been able to confirm this. Any information at all would be a great help if anyone can provide it. Thanks. Rod Laybolt Eastern Passage, N.S.

Date: July 12, 1997
Name: Corinne Surette
E-mail: csurette@klis.com
Query: I am looking for the ancestors of my gggrandmother Olivia Goulden, daughter of John, m Thomas Goulden. I have reason to believe that the Gouldens were actually Golars that the name changed somewhere down the line. Any information would be appreciated.

Date: July 13, 1997
Name: Joan Hill
E-mail: jhill@ellijay.com
Surnames: WALLACE
Query: I'm looking for information about Martha Wallace who lived in Liverpool, NS in the 1880's. She allegedly was married to a merchant marine named John Smith and gave birth to several children, among them, my grandfather, John Calder, b. 5-23-1883 (or 1880), a daughter Elizabeth, and a son, Wallace. She is said to have been a school teacher. John Smith was lost at sea. She later moved to Boston to seek medical help for her son who lost an eye. An information would be appreciated.

Date: July 31, 1997
Name: L. Marshall
E-mail: ycn0104@ycnlibrary.ns.ca
Query: I am interested in all infro. on Starratt but am trying to find out what happened to Melissa Wilson Starratt Freeman after the death of her husband Henry in 1905. They were living in Chelsea.

Date: August 6, 1997
Name: Barbara Plummer Ysseldyk
E-mail: Bob.Ysseldyk@sympatico.ca
Query: Eliza Jane Jollimore - dob 1824, daughter of Christian Jollimore. Eliza was married to James Plummer 16 April 1843. How many children, their names etc. from the union of Eliza & James Plummer? Also information on Christian Jollimore 1779-1858.
It is believed that James Plummer came from England. He was born in mid Ocean in the year 1814. I wish to know the ship he came over on, passenger lists so I can trace his parents, and where they came from. They settled in Halifax or Halifax County (St. Margarets Bay.) He married Eliza Jane Jollimore. They settled in Fox Point, Lunenburg Co.
Also Boyd,Thomas, Sr. 1818, married Amelia ? - 1836 family?
Would like to know about their families, also would like to know how to research the ship that James Plummer came over on, from England - we think, and landed in Halifax. Am researching the Plummer family roots, and also the Boyds. They are all buried in Liverpool somewhere!

Date: August 8, 1997
Name: Arthur Clayton
E-mail: aclayton@ftn.net
Surnames: FRAIL
Query: I am interested when the first Frail Family came to Nova Scotia , their names, and what ship they came on. My Home Page with all the Frail Family Tree is located at: http://www.ftn.net/~aclayton

Date: August 17, 1997
Name: Eric MacLeod
E-mail: emac@ican.net
Query: My daughter Lorraine Paulich left you some documents when she was there a few weeks ago (you were on vac.) Hope they were useful. Eric MacLeod.

Date: August 17, 1997
Name: Alice Dolliver Christopher
Query: I am searching for any information on Thomas Stewart. He was married to Eleanor A. Bower and first child was born 4 Jan., 1856 in East Port Medway, Queens, NS. and last child was born 30 March, 1861. Eleanor 2nd married Peter Dolliver Cohoon on 28 May, 1867. I believe Thomas died between 1861 and 1867. Can any one tell me where I could write to find out this information. Or is anyone searching the Stewart name and might have a connection? Any hint or help would be great. Also looking for information on Martha Cohoon born about 1799 in East Port Medway, Queens, NS.

Date: August 23, 1997
Name: David MacInnes
E-mail: macinnes@fox.nstn.ca
Surnames: MacINNES
Query: The information provided on the net under "TB Smith Collection of Queens Co. FAmily History" indicates there is information on surname Mcginnes or Mcinnis. Do you know what is in this file?
Also, do you have any information on what happened to the settlement associated with the Loyalist land grant at Port Hebert East in 1784?
Thank you for any help you can provide. David MacInnes

Date: September 6, 1997
Name: Philip C Austin
E-mail: jaustin403@aol.com
Surnames: McNIEL
Query: Looking for a Thomas McNiel, a member of the Loyal American Regiment, who served in the American Revolution and took a land grant on the MacLean grant near Fredericton, New Brunswick.

Date: September 10, 1997
Name: L. Marshall
E-mail: ycn0104@ycn.library.ns.ca
Surnames: STARRATT
Query: Seeking information on the Starratts of Brooklyn, Queens Co.I am interested in the date and place of death of Samuel and Ida Hissox, likely in the Chelsea area, and the date of death for Melissa Wilson Starratt Freeman of Greenfield.

Date: September 21, 1997
Name: William Pac
E-mail: Pacarguin@aol.com
Surnames: ARGUIN (or) ARGUIR
Query: I am desperately searching for information on Thomas C. Arguin. According to State of Mass. Census Records, he emigrated to the U.S. from Liverpool, Queens County, Nova Scotia in 1866. He was born Feb 1847. 1878 Mass. Marriage Records list father as "Peter Arguin (or) Arguir", and mother as "Aurelius". He was married in Catholic Church at Medfield, MA. I would very much appreciate names of Thomas' parents and any other information. Many thanks.

Date: September 29, 1997
Name: Tom Downing
E-mail: td87676@glaxowellcome.com
Surnames: CROOKS / ACKER
Query: Looking for information on Edward Crooks, who m. Mary Ann Acker. They had three children: William, Charles and Mary Ann. Edward died and his widow m. John Manthorne. In about 1830, he took her and her children (who retained the Crooks surname) from the Port Medway area to Seal Harbour in Guysborough County, where they were among the first settlers.

Date: September 30, 1997
Name: Paula Slaight
E-mail: dpzs@concentric.net
Surnames: FELKINS
Query: I am researching my family tree and looking for information on the Felkins name. If you could help please e-mail me at the address above. Thank you.

Date: October 7, 1997
Name: Anne Earthy
E-mail: anne-earthy@rich.gov.bc.ca
Surnames: HAGEN
Query: Was Minister of Indusrty in the Nova Scotia Government during or before the WWII. George Edward Hagen was the grandfather of the inquirer. If you can not reach her at the E mail address, then the snail mail address is 6450 McCleary St. Vancouver V6N 1G6.

Date: October 13, 1997
Name: Susan
E-mail: gowen@istar.ca
Surnames: WOLFE
Query: Looking for information on the Wolfe's of Queens Co. and Lunenburg. My grandfather was born in West Berlin, Queen's County, Archibald Wolfe. My great x 5 grandfather was John Nicholas Wolff, who came to Lunenburg in 1751 from Germany aboard the ship "Murdoch".

Date: October 23, 1997
Name: Susan Davis
E-mail: susand@chelmsford.com
Query: I am looking for info. on the family of Edward and Alice (Fifield) Conrad. Edward was born in Liverpool and worked as a laborer. They had a son named Winston C. Conrad born in 1923 in Liverpool, Queens Co., N.S. Looking for any information regarding ancestors, living relatives and family history. Thank you.

Date: October 27, 1997
Name: Lesley Dickinson
E-mail: dickinson@dial.pipex.com
Surnames: QUINN
Query: Looking for any information on Bernard QUINN, believed to have come originally to live with Patrick Cummins, Port Jollie, Queen's County, Nova Scotia around 1885-90 from Liverpool. Bernard was was probably born around 1860-1870 and became a sheriff, although we don't know of which County.

Date: November 2, 1997
Name: Steven L. Hartlen
E-mail: tammy.hartlen@ns.sympatico.ca
Query: Hello - I'm looking for information on Daniel Parnell possibly last name spelled Pennell. All I know is that Daniel had a daughter named Mary Parnell who married John Frederick Hirtle. If anyone could help me with this missing link, please email me.

Date: November 5, 1997
Name: Linda Ehle Pierce
E-mail: ehle@ix.netcom.com
Query: Bertha Louise GARDNER b. 10/31/1900, dau. of Robert J. GARDNER & Elizabeth DONNELLY. Julia Etta O'Boyle, b. 3/15/1868, m. to Edwin Forrest Jones.

Date: November 8, 1997
Name: William Whynot
E-mail: felix@liv.auracom.com
Surnames: ROY
Query: I am looking for any information on George William Roy, born March 29 1835, died January 17 1916.His parents were Peter and Mary Margaret Roy. He was born in Mill Cove, Lunenburg Co., and lived in Queens Co. Said to have been an Indian Chief.

Date: November 18, 1997
Name: Diana Fox
E-mail: foxydi@telusplanet.net
Query: Any information on Hezekiah Vincent Zwicker b.14 Feb. 1886, Greenfield, Queens Co. NS. Married Ida May Kerr, of Brooklyn, Queens Co. Her father Paterick Kerr, married Ida May Frelick, of Beach Meadows, Queens Co. On Hezakiah's Marriage Licence, he said his parents where James and Susan. Thats really all I have . Would appreciate any info on this family. Thank you.
Added 11/30/97: Any information on a David Zwicker & Marjory Married 24 May 1881. David was a widower, mother Catherine.Think his other wife was Catherine also. They lived in Greenfield Queens Co. Nova Scotia.

Date: November 19, 1997
Name: John David Clark
E-mail: jdavidckark@pei.sympatico.ca
Surnames: CLARK
Query: Hi neighbour. I am researching my ancestor John Clark of Halifax, 1778-1838. He was a Grain and Flour Merchant, as well as a Banker. He was a business partner of the Allisons, Blacks and Samuel Cunard. Clark and Martin Gay Black applied for a Bank Charter 1827 which was defeated. Clark operated a near Bank of his own, holding Mortgages and Notes. His father, John, had settled on Prince Edward Island, ca. 1779. I can not find the origin of John Sr., however, it is now believed his first wife might have been Chloe Atwater from New Haven, CT. As John Jr. was a prominent Halifax person, I thought he might have conducted business with Simeon Perkins.The Halifax Clarks were intermarried with surnames Koch, Nixon, Richardson, Lloyd, Boggs, Morris, Black. Would a volunteer, on a next trip to the Queens County Museum look up the above captioned references in Simeon Perkins Diary 1766-1812. I have reviewed the probate papers of Halifax. John, Mortgage and Note loans and found most transactions were with those of pre Loyalist, Planter and Loyalist descent. I would be greatly indebted for any considerations. Kindest regards to all.

Date: November 19, 1997
Name: Bill White
E-mail: bdwhite@ibm.net
Surnames: DeLONG
Query: Looking for Olive DeLong born Dec 1876 to Thomas DeLong and Rebecca Morton from New Albany, Queens Co.

Date: November 22, 1997
Name: Sheila MacAuley
E-mail: macauley@tiac.net
Query: There is mention of the name HUBBARD in the T.B.Smith Collection. If anyone has access to this collection, could you look up this surname and let me know what is in the collection on it? I am sure there is very little, but would like to know the information. Thanks. Sheila Hubbard Macauley.

Date: November 26, 1997
Name: David J. Soule
E-mail: dsoule@saturn.caps.maine.edu
Query: Looking for any information on the families of Henry Whitmore and his wife Barbara Latham. Both born in the late 1830's the were married in 1859 in or near Liverpool. They may have been of Sable River. Barbara's parent were Peter Latham and Mary or Sarah MacAdam. Henry's parents were George Whittemore and Mahetable Cotman. Henry may have had a brother Jacob and a sister Deborah.

Date: December 22, 1997
Name: Doug Agnew
E-mail: agnew@voyager.co.nz
Surnames: AGNEW / SEELY
Query: From information received via the Internet, I am now aware that Moore French AGNEW married Ellen Matilda SEELY on the 4 July 1850 at Queens County. I am now trying to get the marriage cert or further information on this marriage if available.

Date: December 23, 1997
Name: Linda Walfield
E-mail: barberry@sover.net
Query: I'm looking for the origins of Edward Jenkins who married Sarah Whitford on 1 May 1785. She was the dau. of Joseph and Desire Whitford. Sarah was born 19 Feb 176- in Liverpool, Queens Co., NS.

Date: December 23, 1997
Name: Eldon Goulden
E-mail: eldon.goulden@cas.honeywell.com
Query: Grandparents: Herbert Goulden (circa 1870 -1955) & Laura McKennie Goulden (circa 1870? - 1957), Gunning Cove (Shelburne) Nova Scotia. Lotan Smith & ?? Burnt Head (Shelburne) Nova Scotia. Manley Goulden, brother to Herbert. Request any information.

Date: December 27, 1997
Name: Nancy McDonald
E-mail: r-nmcdonald@nucleus.com
Surnames: ELLIS
Query: Looking for origins of the Ellis family of Milton in New England. If anyone has information I would appreciate it.

Date: December 29, 1997
Name: Bill Camp
E-mail: blcomp@klis.com
Surnames: PAGE
Query: Wish to correspond with anyone doing research on the Page family, in particular, ancestor/descendants of Joseph Page b.Liverpool, d. 6 February 1875 m. Mary Hewitt (no other particulars). What is the connection with the Shelburne County Page family?

Date: December 30, 1997
Name: Tanya Oikle
E-mail: nsdrywal@highlander.cbnet.ns.ca
Surnames: LESLIE / OIKLE
Query: Searching for any information on Belle (Bella) LESLIE. She was born around 1886 in Liverpool, NS or surrounding area. Her parents were William Henry and Mary LESLIE. She married Albert Henry OICKLE on April 12, 1901. Anyone with any information is greatly welcome! Thanks.

Date: January 6, 1998
Name: Pat Watson
E-mail: Pat_Watson@bc.sympatico.ca
Surnames: MacLEOD / BUSHEN
Query: Hi Linda.......Did you ever put a name to that picture that was found in the Russell MacLeod house......? Still nothing on my Benjamin and Catherine Bushen. Thanks Pat :) Ever Hopeful...

Date: January 13, 1998
Name: Mary A. Birch
E-mail: mbirch@pcola.gulf.net
Query: Wish to know birthdate of Mary Helen DOUGLAS, born Queens County, Nova Scotia, daughter of Milton Foster DOUGLAS (born about 1826, Caledonia, Queens Co.) and Eliza Jessie TELFER (born Dec 25, 1827, Caledonia). Mary Helen married William Alexander BAXTER born about 1857, Caledonia, Nova Scotia, August 17, 1894 in Caledonia, Nova Scotia. Both are buried in Highland Cementery, Caledonia, Nova Scotia. William's father was Charles Hackett Baxter, born in Aberdeen, Scotland. William's mother was Elizabeth SELDON, born June 1, 1823, Devonshire, England. Elizabeth's father was John George Henry Burgoyne SELDON born about 1797, Devonshire, England. Would also appreciate knowing who John's parents were. His wife was Annie LUXTON born about 1796, North Lawton, Devonshire, England. John SELDON and Annie LUXTON were married in England.

Date: January 16, 1998
Name: Pamela K. Elliott
E-mail: pkenpets@bmi.net
Surnames: McLAUGHLIN
Query: Any info. on McLaughlins. Albert was born in 1860 there.

Date: January 16, 1998
Name: David Godfrey
E-mail: dgodfrey@admin.ed.umuc.edu
Query: I am investigating the Godfrey family history in Nova Scotia. Trying to find a connection between the Godfrey's who came to Kings Co as Planters in 1760 from Connectictut and those who came to Liverpool and environs from Cape Cod, MA, as seafarers, about the same time. The families are related, the Connectictut family having originated also on Cape Cod. Would like ot hear from anyone investigating this surname in Queens Co.

Date: January 18, 1998
Name: Irene Constas
E-mail: satsnoc@frontiernet.net
Query: Michael Lynch both born in Nova Scotia married Hattie Daniels moved to Lynn, Massachusetts. Looking for any information concerning the persons above who are my Great Grandparents. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Date: January 23, 1998
Name: Bernice Sarty
E-mail: 239179@cleannet.net
Surnames: LAVENDER
Query: If anyone has any information on Robert or Anne LAVENDER, please let me know. Anne would have died around 1904-1906 or shortly after. This is all we know about her. Robert we know nothing about but we do know there is a link between them.

Date: January 25, 1998
Name: Richard Lloyd
E-mail: rjlloyd@digistar.mb.ca
Surnames: LLOYD
Query: Seeking any family history on the following person: Richard Bedell Lloyd Born 1933 or 34 in Liverpool N.S. Married Margery Phyllis Oickle around 1956 from Milton we have no history on our father which has past on in 1994 in Winnipeg MB Any info on his family back ground would be very appreciated. Thank you, Rick Lloyd, 104 Martin Bay, Thompson Mb R8N 1G2.

Date: January 30, 1998
Name: Lori A. Hughes
E-mail: lhughes@col.auracom.com
Surnames: ROGERS
Query: I am looking for any and all descendants of George Aaron Rogers who was born in Ramsay, England and immigrated to Nova Scotia and settled in Liverpool, Queens County, Nova Scotia. From what I am told all his children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and so on down to my grandfather are all buried in Trinity Anglican Cemetary in Liverpool. If anyone has any information on any of his descendants it would be greatly appreciated.

Date: January 30, 1998
Name: Vicki Johnston
E-mail: vicgene@rosenet.net
Query: Seeking information on James Gibson Telfer born 17 Feb, 1816 in Jedburgh, Scotland. Came to Queens Co.. James G. Telfer married Matilda Kempton on 31 May 1870. He died 17 May 1885 in Milton, Queens Co. Nova Scotia.

Date: February 2, 1998
Name: Donna Hurlburt
E-mail: dhurlb@glinx.com
Surnames: GLODE
Query: Seeking in particular the families of Stephen and Samuel Glode of Milton.

Date: February 8, 1998
Name: Ward W. Cunningham
E-mail: ward.cunningham@ns.sympatico.ca
Surnames: SMITH
Query: Any information on Miriam Smith (also reported as Mary), mar. Enoch Collins, b. 20 Apr 1752. The marriage date was perhaps 7 Nov 1772, Any information on her family, including parents, and descendents appreciated.

Date: February 14, 1998
Name: Pat Watson
E-mail: Pat Watson@bc.sympatico.ca
Query: MACLEOD, Benjamin M., Catherine BUSHEN... Children: Jane(t), Susan, James ? Do not know much on Ben, Jane(t) was born Liverpool. They moved to Sheet Harbour, where Jane(t) Married William MCPHEE...Salmon River, who had my grandmother Mary Jane, who M. Harry Parker SHANKS...Any help....

Date: February 15, 1998
Name: Aric Wilmunder
E-mail: aric@lucasarts.com
Surnames: LOVE / SABEAN
Query: Captain John LOVE, b. 1852, d. 1907 married Josephine "Jode" Sabean 20 Nov 1879, b. 1860 d. 1936. Josephine appears in the SABIN / SABEAN records, but I am looking for information on John LOVE and his ancestors. John may have been born in Glasgow, or Edinburgh.

Date: February 26, 1998
Name: Colleen Perchaluk (Dickie)
E-mail: cpercha@cancom.net
Surnames: MacDOUGALL
Query: I have found documents relating to my Great-Grandfather, Ewen Macdougall, regarding his appointment as High Seriff for Queen's County, dated June 3rd, 1902. The Lieutenant Governor of PEI was Peter Adolphus McIntyre at the time. My great-grandfather's is named in this document as Ewen Mcdougall, which is his correct name, but then later named incorrectly as Ewen Macdonald.
His copy of his last will and testament is dated, April 14, 1924 and witnessed by P.S. Fielding and K.J. Martin.
Assuming this to be his daughter, I also have documents regarding Blanche Mcdougall-DOB Sept,4, 1874. I have her graduation certificates from the Halifax Ladies College (June 20th,1894 and from the Conservatory of Music, (June 19th, 1894).
I also have a document dated June 1, 1883 when Ewen Mcdougall received a First Class "Short Course" Certification from the Royal School of Gunnery. This has been signed by M? or W? Powell Colonel, Adjutant General.
I am attempting to trace my family history and this is the only place I really have to begin. I am looking for help. Thank you.

Date: March 3, 1998
Name: Heather Angers
E-mail: HA767@AOL.com
Query: I'm interested in information on Caroline HUBLEY m. Hibbert VEINOT Mary Eveline WHEELOCK m. John Joseph VEINOT/VIENOT Archibald DAGLEY m. Anna (?) ANTHONY George ANTHONY m. Eliza CROWELL. Any suggestions or information would be much appreciated! Thank you!

Date: March 4, 1998
Name: Alice (Snow ) Jones
E-mail: tom.jones@ns.sympatico.ca
Surnames: SNOW
Query: I am trying to find the ancestors of George Lewis Snow. Any help you could give me would be appreciated. Thanking you in advance.

Date: March 4, 1998
Name: Marg Burt
E-mail: gm.burt@ns.sympatico.ca
Surnames: SNOW
Query: Looking for information on the ancestors of Lewis Snow, born c 1860. Married Peninah Anthony c 1884 and died in May 1888. I am trying to find the connection between the Snow's in Liverpool and the ones in Shelburne. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Date: March 7, 1998
Name: Betty Mencucci
E-mail: bmencucci@tp.net
Query: Looking for Edward Johnson b. about 1827 in Liverpool and married Catherine Uhlman about 1848. Catherine born 24 Oct 1831. They had a daughtter Ida May Johnson 1868 in N. Brookfield NS. I'm looking for info on Edward Johnson's parents. Also looking for info on Catherine Uhlman's parents (George Cornelius Uhlman and Regina Gerhardt). I think that George Corn Uhlman and his father died at sea 1832. Looking for info on his life.

Date: March 10, 1998
Name: Ronald D. Cameron
E-mail: cameronr@mail.tds.net
Surnames: CAMERON
Query: Looking for information on Lt. John Cameron of the King's Orange Ranger who was stationed at Liverpool in the late 1770's and early 1880's. This group came from New York state. John Cameron later moved to Sydney,NS. I believe that one of his son's, Charles Cameron-born in Sydney, is my g-g-g-grandfather.

Date: March 24, 1998
Name: Sandra Jackson
E-mail: sandra_e_jackson@reed.aon.ca
Surnames: TANNER
Query: I am looking for information on my grandfather William (Howard-?) born in the 1870-80's in Queens Co. He later married Sarah Alice Eisenhauer who was born at Ellershouse, Hants Co. N.S. He lived most of his married life in Halifax. One of his daughter was my mother, Lillian Jean.

Date: March 24, 1998
Name: Robby Jensen
Surnames: BLACKETT
Query: I am looking for information on George Blackett of Queens County. I believe he might be the son of William Blackett from PEI. William Blackett migrated to PEI in 1785 with his wife Diana Applecross. I believe George had a daughter Mary Blackett, Susannah Blackett?? and a son Drew Ridley Blackett. Any help on the Blackett's from Queens County would be most appreciated.

Date: March 27, 1998
Name: Dan MacDonald
E-mail: walleqpm@nbnet.nb.ca
Surnames: JACKSON
Query: I am looking for information on Christopher Jackson, born circa 1845 and died 1 August 1896. He was married to a Barbara Ann (?). I am told that he also used the names Christopher Jack and Jack Christopher and that there may be a Queen's County connection. His daughter, Mary Elizabeth Jackson, born 20 May 1879 in Harrigan Cove, Halifax County, was my great-grandmother. Any assistance is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Date: April 6, 1998
Name: Maria Hagen
E-mail: jokraz@atcon.com
Query: These are names in my family tree based in Brooklyn, Queens Co. and Liverpool. I am just starting and have living relatives in these places but there are gaps in my info.

Date: April 16, 1998
Name: Kitty MacAlpine
E-mail: klmacalpine@hotmail.com
Surnames: COONEY
Query: COONEY—looking for the descendants of Patrick and/or Thomas COONEY (other surnames of their descendants include FRASER, NEVILLE, LENETON, STUART, LENDER, BROWN, EVANS, among others). Trying to compile comprehensive descendants list (see my webpage for the results so far). Their descendants have been found in Lunenburg, Queens, Halifax, and Annapolis Counties.

Date: April 16, 1998
Name: Mel MacKenzie
E-mail: at320@CHEBUCTO.NS.CA
Surnames: SMITH / HAGEN
Query: Looking for info on ancestors of Joseph Smith b.1838 d.1917 m.S.Jane Hagen b.1846 d.1920, children James, Loretta, Lucy, William, Edward, Minnie, Bessie, Perry, Lennie, Guilford, George and Albert.

Date: April 18, 1998
Name: Robert Brooks
E-mail: rjbrooks@cnetech.com
Surnames: ESLER / QUINN
Query: Looking for James Esler who married Susan Quinn in 21 Dec 1871. James was from New Brunswick.

Date: May 4, 1998
Name: Joan VanDuzer
E-mail: jbvanduz@naz.edu
Query: Would like to know if David Zwicker's second wife: Marjory A. md. 24 May 1881 was a Woodworth from Simpson's Corners, Lunenburg.
Also looking for a John & Charlotte Cunningham he was 28 in 1871 and she was 21, they were married Dec 1870.

Date: May 5, 1998
Name: Mary J. Bosse
E-mail: mbosse1@maine.rr.com
Query: I believe my gg grandfather, MICHAEL FITZGERALD, was an immigrant from Ireland to Liverpool before 1820, married MARY MCKAY and had a son, WILLIAM FITZGERALD. I would like infor as to when and how he arrived and how to trace him to Ireland.

Date: May 13, 1998
Name: Joshua M. Smith
E-mail: Joshua_M._Smith@Umaine.edu
Surnames: WEBSTER
Query: I am interested in Dr. Andrew Webster of Liverpool, NS. Before permanently settling in Liverpool, he broke out of a jail in Castine, Maine. Perkins diaries mention him a great deal. Do you have any iunformation on this man, or his activities 1818-1810?

Date: May 17, 1998
Name: Vicky Smith
E-mail: smithgb@ncia.net
Query: Any names of Freeman or Jackson that lived in Queens county will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Date: May 20, 1998
Name: Darell Hartlen
E-mail: dhartlen@cgocable.net
Surnames: HARTLEN
Query: Looking for any information on the Hartlen family in general.

Date: May 30, 1998
Name: Jennifer
E-mail: Llewellyn.r@ns.sympatico.ca
Surnames: CROFT
Query: Looking for info on Croft's. Not sure of names, possibly Hastings or Lanclot (maybe Jordan). Born sometime in mid to late 1800's. Any info on persons with these names or relatives would be greatly appreciated.

Date: June 3, 1998
Name: Joanne (Awalt) Bennett
E-mail: mbennett@auracom.com
Surnames: AWALT / HIRTLE
Query: Looking for information on: George Awalt, born 1875,died 1950 married Princette Seamone, born 1890, died 1966. Both believed to be buried Greenfield. Or information beginning with Johann George Ewald, born 1727. Arrived from Palatinate, Germany on the Murdoch in 1651.

Date: June 6, 1998
Name: Edward Hastings
E-mail: monoceros@worldnet.att.net
Surnames: BALL
Query: Looking for information on John Ball (mother, father, date of birth and any other info. It is said, that he was born in Whiteburn, Queens County. He later married Lidia Ramey (6/15/1854)in Liverpool. At that time they were both from Wellington.

Date: June 28, 1998
Name: Donna Van Buskirk
E-mail: DeeVanBee@aol.com
Query: Did any of my foreparents take up residence in the beautiful Queens County? When some arrived with the Loyalists in 1783, they could have ventured to the next county or two. Van Buskirk in particular? Any of those I listed I'd be grateful for more info.

Date: July 3, 1998
Name: Betsy O'Toole
E-mail: terbet1@aol.com
Query: Looking for information on the Plaiceways that are listed in the Simeon Perkins Diary and T.B. Smith Collection, that lived in Queens Co., in the late 1700's. I do not have accesses to this material. Have some Plaiceway (Placeway) information in Livingston Co., MI. Could someone help me?

Date: July 5, 1998
Name: Ruth-Anne
Query: Looking for Israel Boyton's wife......I know the Lake family is buried in Kempt Shore but dont know what the name of the cemetary or the funeral home is to contact them as well as their phone numbers. If anyone could help I would be grateful.......Thanks.

Date: July 10, 1998
Name: Carolyn (KEDDY) Barnett
Query: My great-grandfather was Joshua Keddy and he was married to Esther Jaine ( or Jayne ). My grandfather was Gideon Keddy, married to Elizabeth mae (Bessie) Henley. Anyone have any more info for me ? I'd sure appreciate it!

Date: July 12, 1998
Name: Richard S. Cooke
Surnames: HUTT
Query: I am looking for Annie Tryphosia HUTT born 11 December 1835 (possibly in Nova Scotia). She married Caleb Nickerson COOK on 20 December 1853 in Halifax, Nova Scotia and died 27 September 1911. I am looking for her parents and her place of birth.

Date: July 12, 1998
Name: Paul Cobb
Surnames: LECAIN / ISLES
Query: Susan LeCain married John Isles. Their dau. Lilla, b. 1871 in Nova Scotia, married a George Turner in Mass.
Is there any info on Isles and LeCain families? (Lecain is noted in the surnames of the T. B. Smith Collection). Also, "Yarmouth NS Genealogies" notes a John M. LeCain marr. a Adeline Durkee, dau. of Lyman, in 1851. Their son Frank marr. dau. of H. Scott.

Date: July 21, 1998
Name: Kathy Clare
Surnames: SPEARS
Query: I am looking for the origin of Robert Spears who was in the Roseway area in the 1700's. He married Naomi ? and they had several children, one was William born 1796. They moved to Guysborough Co. in 1819.

Date: August 3, 1998
Name: Pat Lane
Query: Looking for children from this union. James E Cook abd Ellen Smith Phillips. He of Hunts Point, she from Liverpool . They married 8/18 /1858 from records of Hold Trinity Anglican Church, Liverpool, Queens Co., NS, CAN. Ellens father could have been John. Any info on children and or family would be welcome. Thanks.

Date: August 12, 1998
Name: Barbara Freeman
Surnames: FREEMAN
Query: Looking for ancestors of Leonard Freeman b 17 Oct 1850, prob Milton Nova Scotia, d 10 Jan 1916, Reading MA.

Date: August 18, 1998
Name: Belinda Conrad
Surnames: CROFT
Query: Any information on James (Jamsey) Croft, married to Eva Marie, Eva died 1964. They had 6 children, Dorthy, Laurie, Viola, Kenny, and Hazel some died at an early age, names not known.. Hazel Marie Croft(b.1935) married John Hazlet, born to them, 9 children, one of which is my mother, Linda Josephine Croft (b.1948). Who married John Willard Conrad. This is all the information that I know. Would like to find the place of origin of my family. Any information an asset.

Date: August 22, 1998
Name: Pam Wood Waugh
Query: Looking for anyone with info on 2 of Capt. John HOWARD's wives: John Howard m. 21 Dec 1780 Hannah (FORD) TINKHAM, widow of Perez Tinkham, (b. 17 Jul 1759 Plymouth, Ma) Perez Tinkham supposedly sailed 11 Sept 1778 on the ill-fated "Bermuda", which was lost at sea. She supposedly d. bef 14 Apr 1782. He also m. 14 Apr 1782 Moriah/Mariah WEST. (b. Liverpool 23 Dec 1765), d/o Capt John WEST of Liverpool. She had died of a small pox inoculation before 5 July 1782.

Date: August 25, 1998
Name: Gene E. Mead
Query: Hi. Looking forinformation on Eliza Jane [Crowell] Anthony (married to George H. Anthony) died in Dartmouth June 9 1998, transported to Milton for burial. If someone knows of her I would like to hear from you. Thanks.

Date: September 30, 1998
Name: Valeria Rijnbeek
Query: I am looking for any information on the following:
My grandmother, Valerie Belle CROWELL, was the daughter of Smith Chadsey CROWELL who married Annie Lorena VOGLER, of Port Joli. They were married on December 20, 1893, by Benjamin Parker. Annie was born in 1865 and died 1906. They had three children, James Lawson, Valeria Belle and Lewis McGray. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.

Date: October 1, 1998
Name: Kathy Contois
Query: I am seeking information on the marriage of John Robinson and Jeanette Myra. I beleive they were married 1868 or 1869 at Trinity Anglican Church Liverpool, N.S. If anyone could confirm this and e-mail me with their ages and parents names I would be most grateful. Many thanks.

Date: October 3, 1998
Name: Robert W. White
Surnames: BROWN
Query: I would like any information on the Brown family of Port Medway. In particular, I am interested in the children of Thomas and Susan Brown. Thomas was born in 1807 or 1808. The children were I think Hannah, William, James, Edgar and Godfrey born between 1832 and 1857.

Date: October 15, 1998
Name: Annie Chenery
Query: Looking for any info. on William Benedict who married Margaret Miller. Also info. on Annie Whitehead who married a Mr. ? Mason.

Date: October 25, 1998
Name: David Houghton
Surnames: ZWICKER
Query: Albert ZWICKER and his wife, Susan King, my grandparents. I have a page of pictures + caption: '7 members of the family of Mrs. Earl Zwicker Goucher..are with the C.S.A.F.' (this is at war time, WW2).'Mrs. Zwicker's first husband was the late Albert Zwicker who resided at Liverpool and later at Margaretsville. Any info appreciated.

Date: October 26, 1998
Name: Valeria Rijnbeek
Query: Hi. I'm looking for information on the following: Manasseh COOK(E), b. 1789 Jan 24, married in 1808 Anna STEPHENS, b. 1788 Nov 19. Anna is the daughter of William STEPHENS. They were originally from Yarmouth/Chebogue area. I'm unable to find anything on them, other than names and dates of birth of their children. One of their many sons, John, b. 1809 Jan 30, married Mary MURPHY, b. abt. 1809, Brooklyn, Queens County. Does anyone have this family in their database?

Date: October 29, 1998
Name: Tom Downing
Query: Looking for information on John M. Manthorne of Port Medway who m Mary Ann Acker Crooks, widow of Edward Crooks, and was later the first settler in what is now Seal Harbour, Guysborough Co.

Date: November 1, 1998
Name: Ken Hiltz
Surnames: HILTZ
Query: I am interested in information about the descendants of Daniel and Heinrich Hiltz who came to Nova Scotia in 1751 and to Lunenburg in 1753. I have a great deal of information on them and their descendants and may be of assistance to those researching their Hiltz line.

Date: November 8, 1998
Name: Mary J. Bosse
Query: Michael Hagen b. abt 1800 and Margaret FRELICK b. abt l804 were marr. in Liverpool 12-31-1824. Am looking for their ancestors and descendants to tie with mine. Any help will be deeply appreciated.

Date: November 14, 1998
Name: Olsson, S. Bertil
Query: Daniel Kellaher from Liverpool NS buildt a brigantine on Marina Shipyard 1864 and named her after his daughter, Minnie who were 11 years old. The ship later become in possession of my ancestors and I am now exploring the entire history of the ship. Am therefore seeking contact with descendants of Daniel Kellaher and his daughter Minne. Daniel K died 1867. Minnie married 1878 Hon. Jason M Mack, got 4 children and died 1913 at the age of 60 (according to information from gen.archives at Queens County Mus., Liverpool NS). Any information about Minnie and Daniel Kellaher as well as the ship MINNIE K is of interest.

Date: November 14, 1998
Name: June E. Hubbard
Surnames: WHITE / TAYLOR
Query: I am trying to do a paternal family tree. My grandmother was born in N.S., but I'm not sure if it was Truro, Mill Village or Liverpool. Her name was Laura WHITE, d.o.b. Nov. 19, 1877 or '78. My grandfather was Charles Taylor. He lived in N.S. from infancy, but I' not certain where he was born. D.O.B. Sept. 17, 1862 or 1863. Hope you can help me. Thank you.

Date: November 17, 1998
Name: Mark Rutledge
E-mail: DRMACK03@aol.com
Surnames: MUNRO
Query: Looking for Thomas and brother John Munro who left Queens Co possibly Roseway area to settle in Guysboro Co (Whitehead) in 1819. Thomas I beleive was married to Margaret Perry?

Date: November 18, 1998
Name: Kathleen Contois
Query: I am seeking conformation of marriage of Jeanette Myra and John Robinson in 1868 or 1869 at Trinity Anglican Church in Liverpool N.S. Also their ages at time of marriage and thier parents name. If anyone can be of help , I would be most grateful. Many thanks.

Date: December 2, 1998
Name: Randall VanValkenburg
E-mail: diego@eaze.net
Query: I am trying to document my grandmother's work and fill in the paternal side to her tree. Her father was Alexander Manthorn, a sea captain from Nova Scotia, who married Amanda Atkins (b.1850, died 1891 in childbirth) whose parents were Joseph Atkins and Azubah Morine (b. 1822, d 1886). Her parents were Asa Morine and Dorcus Cohoon (b.9 June 1787, d.5 Jan 1888 at Port Medway. Her parents were William Cohoon and Tabitha Smith (born1759 at Chatham, d.1808 at Port Medway). Any information about these people would be greatly appreciated.

Date: December 13, 1998
Name: Donald Alexander Crooks
E-mail: dcrooks@sprint.ca
Query: Looking for info on: William Crooks (Sept 15, 1849 - Apr 29, 1907)who married Ada Hull (b. Mar 31,1859, d.?) Settled/lived in Issac's, Seal, Fisherman's Hbr area of Guysborough Co. Parents of Wiliam Osborne, John H, Robert Charles, Havelock, Norman Chipman, David Arthur, Richard, Minnie A. (Strople),and Avis or Ada. My father's grandparents, this family lived mostly in Fisherman's Hbr area, but may have come from Queen's Co.
Also, James W.Crooks and Eliza Sponagle (b.1848?) who were married Aug 14, 1864. Parents of Florence Lenora, Andrew Alexander, Willard, Sadie, Aliza Adeline, Clare Edith, Mildred Hughena and Georgina Crooks. They may have come from Queen's Co area in early/mid 1800's. My mother's great-grandparents, this branch lived in Coddle's Hbr/New Hbr etc area of Guysborough Co.
I am also trying to find where the CROOKS name came from. Thanks to anyone who can assist.

Date: December 14, 1998
Name: Heather Angers
E-mail: HA767@aol.com
Query: I would appreciate any information on Eliza Jane Crowell m. to George Anthony who was b. 16 Feb. 1841. Thank you!

Date: December 20, 1998
Name: Tom
E-mail: tominatr@is.dal.ca
Surnames: NORWOOD
Query: I would like any and all info on Port Joli. History, etc.

Date: December 29, 1998
Name: Denise J. Rice
E-mail: djrice@ns.sympatico.ca
Surnames: DANIELS
Query: I'm looking for any Daniels of Queens County and surrounding areas. Need more info on Alexander C. (Possibly Currie) Daniels. He married in Queens County, also their was an Alexander C. Daniels in Anna.Co., maybe same man.

Date: January 16, 1999
Name: Lauretta Cole
E-mail: LeeCole@aol.com
Query: Looking for any information on Mary Sophia Wolfe born Feb. 7, 1845 in Beach Meadows, Nova Scotia or any of her brothers and sisters. She was the daughter of John Henry Wolfe and Mary Ann Frelick.
Would also like any information on Lena Gaetz a cousin somehow to Mary Sophia Wolfe. As well as, Sophia Corkum an aunt to Lena Gaetz and Robert and Eliza Teal, Aunt and Uncle to Lena Gaetz. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Date: January 18, 1999
Name: Sharon Ransom
E-mail: James.Ransom@thezone.net
Query: Seeking information on the Jones in Liverpool, NS in 1700. Jacob Jones son of James Jones and Susanna, m. Rebecca Cole in 1772. Their children 1.)James1 b, 1773 d.1774,2.) James2 b. 1775 d. March 2, 1995, 3.) Methiabel b.1777, 4.)Susanna b.1779,5.)Jacob1 b. 1781, d.1783 6.)Randel1 b. 1782, d.1783, 7.)Dorcas b. 1784, 8.)Jacob2 b. 1786, 9.)Smith Jones b. 1788 m. Rebeccah Chassey d. of Alex and Mehitbel Chassey Liverpool on December 22, 1811. Their chilldren were Mira b. Liverpool 1812, James b. Liverpool May 17, 1814. 10.) *Randel2 b.Liverpool January 27, 1792, Moved to Brador where he purchased the rights to the cod, salmon and seal post around 1820. m. Mary Sophia Chevalier. d. St. Thomas Montmagny Que. October 18, 1866. 11.) Mira b. Liverpool January 13, 1795. Interested in knowing the origin of this family before Liverpool. Did his parents James nand Susanna live in NS, if so ? where. Have done considerable research on the Randel line of which my husband and I both ! descend! Any one having an interest in this research please connect to share info. Thank you in advance.

Date: January 25, 1999
Name: Paul Bennett
E-mail: panther1@nbnet.nb.ca
Surnames: VERGE
Query: Looking for links to Nathaniel and Eleanor (Donaldson) Verge and their ancestors, Joseph and Mary (Blewett) Verge. My wife's great-grandfather John Howard Verge came from Port Mouton, NS and settled in Western NFLD. in late 1800's.

Date: January 31, 1999
Name: Barbara Pattillo Sell
E-mail: msandks@bellatlantic.net
Surnames: PATTILLO
Query: Any info on first to imigrate to Canada.

Date: January 31, 1999
Name: Susan Ransom
E-mail: s.ransom@usa.net
Surnames: LEWIS / HARLOW
Query: My gg-grandmother Elizabeth Parsons Lewis(b 1822) married John Chadsey Harlow in Port Mouton on Oct 8, 1857. Does anyone know who her parents were? Did they in fact have 8 children? Any info greatly appreciated!

Date: February 4, 1999
Name: Barbara-Ann Reid
E-mail: ri.red@oakharbor.net
Query: Seeking information on the parents & ancestors of both Captain Charles Philip THOMAS b. 3 June 8 Wales and his wife, Isabella ( Isobel) BISHOP b. 7 June A855/6 Sandy Cove, NS. They were the parents of Sarah Jane Thomas who married Chipman Denton. Willing to share information. Thank You.

Date: February 15, 1999
Name: Joyce M. McConaha
E-mail: slogin6@bitterroot.net
Query: Looking for the parents of Benjamin and Phineas Brown, half brothers. Benjamin born Nova Scotia 1795, Phineas born New Hampshire 1786. They came to the U.S. about 1812. They married Stickney sisters Jane and Sila, both of Concord. They definitely had New Hampshire ties. It is said that their Father had 3 wives and 21 children—some of those ch could have been step children. Benjamin's Mother had only two children, his sibling might have been Abigail, born Nova Scotia ca 1790-1800.

Date: February 17, 1999
Name: Diana Fox
E-mail: foxydi@telusplanet.net
Query: Searching for Patrick Kerr b abt 1866, Belfast, Ireland of Beech Meadows. Married Ida May Frelick. On marriage licence has Geo Kerr and Mary as Parents. Any info on the Kerr's would be appreciated. Thank you.

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